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Check the red zone opportunities within the 20, 10, and 5 yard lines and the percentage of time that converted the opportunities into touchdowns.

How does Jalen Guyton’s 2020 advanced stats compare to other wide receivers?

This section compares his advanced stats with players in the same position. The bar represents the player’s percentile rank. For example, if the bar is in the middle, the player falls into the 50th percentile of that metric and is considered average. The longer the bar, the better for the player.

See where Jalen Guyton is lined up on the field and how he played at each spot.

How will the Chiefs pass the defense this season compared to other NFL teams?

The bar represents the team’s percentile rank (relative to the QB rating). The longer the bar, the better the path defense. Team and position group ratings only include players who are currently on the roster and not on the disabled list. The list of players in the table contains only defenders who have attempted at least three attacks.


Sunday, January 3, 4:25 pm

Overall QB rating for


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Jalen Guyton News Jalen Guyton News

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