Jalen Ramsey’s net worth (updated 2021)

What is Jalen Ramsey’s net worth?

Net worth: $ 10 million
age: twenty five
birth: October 24, 1994
Country of origin: United States of America
Source of wealth: Professional NFL player
Last updated: 2020


Jaylen Ramsie is a cornerback of American football in the Los Angeles Rams of the NFL.

Ramsey played college football at Florida State University and was the fifth overall draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2016 NFL Draft.

As of 2021, Jalen Ramsey’s net worth is approximately $ 10 million.

early life

Jalen Lattrel Ramsey was born on October 24, 1994 in the town of Smyrna, Tennessee.

Ramsey is the son of Lamont and Margie Ramsey. Jamal’s older brother, Jamal, participated in soccer, basketball and athletics at Franklin’s Battle Ground Academy.

Ramsey perfected his football skills by playing with a much older boy in a local park. He grew up in a family of Florida Gator’s fans in support of the Miami Hurricanes.


Ramsey made his debut, playing against the Green Bay Packers in the opening round of the Jaguars season and scoring three solo tackles at a home loss of 27-23.

He was named AFC Defensive Player of the Week in a match against the Titans. Ramsey also finished the rookie season with 65 tackles (55 solos), 14 pass deflections, 2 intercepts, 16 games and 16 star touchdowns.

When Jaguar routed Ravens 44-7 on September 24, 2017, he recorded two solo tackles and intercepted an attempted pass from Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

Jaguar chose the fifth year option on his contract on April 25, 2019. He was then traded to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for the first round of 2020 picks, the first round of 2021 picks, and the fourth round of 2021. Select on October 15, 2019.

As of 2021, Jalen Ramsey’s net worth is $ 10 million.


Here are some of the best highlights of Jalen Ramsey’s career:

  • Draft by Jacksonville Jaguars (2016)
  • Ramsey is a two-time ACC champion

Favorite quote from Jalen Ramsey

“He isn’t playing games with your family. And your family is too short! I’m up on all of them. Let Golden protect. Be top in Golden.” – Jaylen Ramsey

“She said your knees are going bad. Lamont’s gaff crackles on her speakerphone and competes with the hustle and bustle of the restaurant early in the morning. I tell her dad I sit around he’s eating. Let me throw all the ribs that were there. “ – Jaylen Ramsey

“I’ve always worked on all my duties. Always. But I didn’t go to voluntary training and some guys in the front office told the media bad things. I’m basically honest. I think it’s an ass. ” – – Jalen Ramsey

“That was more so.” Yeah, I was one of your top players and I was asked to do this difficult task during this game. Trust me. “That was all. If you threw the flag and we lost it, I would have come to you, “Hey, thank you for trusting me, but my bad.” But the fact that he didn’t throw the challenge flag rubbed me the wrong way. “ – Jaylen Ramsey

Three inspirational lessons Jalen Ramsey

Now you have a complete understanding of Jalen Ramsey’s net worth and how he was successful. Let’s take a look at some lessons that can be learned from him.

1. Live ~ DARE

If you really want to live, you have to work and dare.

2. Confidence and ignorance

To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and self-confidence.

3. Always work hard

You have to put in a week of 80 to 100 hours each week.


Jalen Ramsey is an American football player who played college football at Florida State University, won the BCS National Championship in 2013, and was the ACC Champion twice. Ramsey was named Pro Bowl in 2017 and 2018.

As of 2021, Jalen Ramsey’s net worth is $ 10 million.

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