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It was a spectacular performance. At the ESC N19 UFC in December Jamahal Hill Taking a big step both on the platform and on the opposition, he realized his opportunity in a brilliant way.

Hill (8-0 MMA, 2-0 UFC) makes a statement about where he stands in the UFC light heavyweight division when he takes out Ovince Saint Preux, one of the most respected veterans in the division. did. Via TKO in the second round, And did so in the evening co-function game.

It’s the type of result that allows you to announce to the world that you are a real factor in the future. But Hill doesn’t think UFC Brass is still with him the way he feels he should stand behind him.

Hill has seen how UFC hype is placed behind a particular fighter, and he feels it’s his turn.

“This is my point of view. You can see that the focus is on how fighters can spotlight certain things,” Hill recently told MMA Junky Radio. “Such a thing, and it’s cheering, blasting, and getting the attention of the entire MMA world, but it didn’t happen to me. Even if I win the” OSP “, it happens to me. did not. “

“So the fight for’OSP’, I didn’t, I didn’t get promoted at all. I’ve seen this video,’Expected to See’, but I attended that joint main event I didn’t, and I was undefeated. you know what I mean? Such a small thing. It’s not in the spotlight like everyone else. cool. you know what I mean? “After all, what I can do, my abilities, you can’t ignore it.”

Indeed, Hill, People who meet Paul Craig In his next fight at the UFC Fight Night Card on March 20, he says things are in good shape. Because, in his mind, he is at a completely different level than the opposite level, and his day will come soon, whether he gets or not, a big promotional push.

“Honestly, I sometimes surprise myself with what I can do,” he said. “The other day I was in the gym and I was surprised because it hurt a little, so I didn’t have a sparring session, so I ran a sparring session to teach the young guys in the program, and I was watching. Having talked about that, my knowledge of the game is at the next level.

“People don’t really understand, I understand fighting at other levels as a whole,” he continued. “I see things you might not even think important, tiny things, and even unique and unorthodox things, but I can make them important. It’s all me. And just started with the little things: Okay, how can I throw this punch correctly? What can I mix with it? Okay, that punch doesn’t do that, I speed it up with this Let’s raise and work on this. And I’ve been doing this for years, and people say I’m new to this. I’ve been doing this for 11 years. I’m 11 We’ve done every little thing, every little adjustment over the years, but now it’s all in place. “

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Jamahal Hill about UFC hype and self-belief Jamahal Hill about UFC hype and self-belief

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