James Bond Home MGM is looking for a $ 5.5 billion worth of studio sale

MGM Holdings is reported to have launched a bidding war and is considering sales options. This means that another studio may own the rights to some popular franchises, including: James bond And that Rocky series. A new report from The Wall Street Journal reveals that MGM has begun a formal sale process “using investment banks Morgan Stanley and Liontree LLC,” with a studio report of approximately $ 5.5 billion. Holds market value. Well, it’s a spicy meatball.

MGM sought ideas It was sold out in the past, but this time it is decided that it wants to attract attention from “international media companies, private equity investors, blank check companies” instead of traditional Hollywood studios. Is connected to. MGM hopes that the move to digital releases will create a “bidding war” “to fill a new wave of streaming video services with content” and make its rich library an “attractive target.”

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For MGM A magnificent library of over 4,000 titles, Many of them are highly recognizable and have over 17,000 hours of television shows, including franchises such as: The hobbit, And popular TV shows like Handmade story And Viking.. It’s unclear which studio wants to buy MGM and its various franchise rights, but in the end, the situation could be similar to what it is these days. Disney / Fox merger, Since then, I’ve seen some high-profile projects, including: alien, Start production under a new umbrella.

Of course, MGM still has some big releases planned, including the long-awaited Bond outing. I have no time to die.. From the script by Cary Joji Fukunaga, Neil Purvis, Robert Wade, Fukunaga, and Phoebe Waller Bridge. I have no time to die Recovered five years after the capture of Ernst Stavro Brofeld, James Bond is now out of service. He was contacted by his friend Felix Leiter and a CIA officer seeking his help in the search for the missing scientist Wald Obruchev. When it becomes clear that Obruchev has been kidnapped, James Bond must face the dangers the world has never seen before.

The film features Daniel Craig’s final appearance as an iconic secret agent and was originally scheduled for release in November 2019. After some delay I have no time to die It is currently scheduled to debut on April 2, 2021.

MGM has previously confirmed the development of something like a third movie Legally blonde Series, sequel to 2018 video game adaptation tomb Raider Currently filming in the studio, starring Alicia Vikander Mad Max: Fury Road George Miller’s new romantic fantasy movie, Longing for 3,000 years..Produced by Jordan Peele Candyman Reboot to revive a new generation of horror icons, and GI Joe Restart the movie Snake eyes The starring Henry Golding is also in the pipeline.

MGM has a complex history and has faced bankruptcy in the past. They managed to survive, but the current situation seems to have now put an end to the famous studio.This comes in our courtesy The Wall Street Journal..

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James Bond Home MGM is looking for a $ 5.5 billion worth of studio sale

https://movieweb.com/mgm-studio-sale-james-bond-rocky/ James Bond Home MGM is looking for a $ 5.5 billion worth of studio sale

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