James Gunn has the idea of ​​a spectacular Marvel and DC Dream team crossover project

James Gunn There is a spectacular Marvel and DC dream crossover for team projects.Gunn has been behind many movie cameras for years, but it was Guardian of the galaxy A franchise that blew him into the stratosphere. After a pretty big drop with Disney in 2018, he started negotiations with Warner Bros. and DC. Gunn now has the ability to do whatever he wants with DC and has chosen to work. Suicide squad, Will open in the theater next summer.

Disney and James Gunn were able to resolve their difference, and he will regain control Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3That is, he will direct both DC and Warner Bros. films. The director made it clear that he loved working in both studios, but fans asked him a rather difficult question. “What is your dream? Marvel And DC Crossover-Team Up Project? Gunn answered very quickly with a very grand answer: “King Shark, Rocket, Weasel, and Groot.”

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It’s great for fans to see King Shark, Rocket, Weasel and Groot together on the screen, but it probably never happens. Also, James Gunn seems to have given some thought to this dream project because he came up with the answer so quickly.With marvel DC Fans love to discuss who has the best heroes and who ran better at the box office. This is nothing new and has been going on for decades thanks to comics.But the whole world seems to be open to crossovers with King shark, Rocket, Weasel, Groot.

James Gunn frequently interacts with his fans on social media and seems to be one of the day today. He was also asked what happened to the hair that is now gray. “Marvel and DC fans are heading towards each other,” the director jokingly replied. Another fan wanted to know about using songs from his movie “live” while filming. He said, “Yes, always. And (with Tyler Bates and John Murphy of Guardians 1 and 2). Suicide squad) Pre-record the score of the selected scene and play it back in the set. Not many directors choose this route in the set, but music is clearly a big issue for Gunn.

James Gunn was also asked why he chose Bradley Cooper drawing a rocket To Guardian of the galaxy.. The director revealed a small story that a former Marvel Studios executive was wondering about the same thing. It’s very expensive and I can’t really say it’s him. Gunn says he chose Cooper because he was a “good actor.” This seems to be what most people want when hiring an actor to portray someone on the screen.Thanks, you can check the Dream Team Up Crossover List above James Gunn’s Official Twitter account.

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James Gunn has the idea of ​​a spectacular Marvel and DC Dream team crossover project

https://movieweb.com/dc-marvel-team-up-crossover-movie-james-gunn/ James Gunn has the idea of ​​a spectacular Marvel and DC Dream team crossover project

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