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James Harden reminded everyone that he is still the top five NBA player in the opening round of the Houston Rockets season against Portland.

Despite all the controversy around James Harden And his future Houston rockets Over the past month, eight All-Star and former League MVPs haven’t affected his performance on the court in Houston’s opening round against the Portland Trail Blazers.

The Rockets had lost John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, Eric Gordon, and Ben McCremore due to a COVID-19 issue, but Harden not only scored a monster with 44 points, but also involved his teammates in the dish. I found a way to get out. Assisting 17 people with high careers.

This marked Harden’s fourth 40+ points and 15+ assist game in his career. Given how impressive this achievement is, no other NBA player has had more than one assist game with 40 points or more and 15 or more since 1983.

And even if the Rockets lose the game in overtime, Harden once again proves he can’t defend in a one-on-one situation, and it’s in his DNA that he gets bigger in a clutch situation.

Look at these two consecutive three-pointer Harden hits that would have brought Houston a win without a big bucket of CJ McCollum in the last few seconds of overtime.

James Harden’s spectacular performance, which almost moved a short-handed rocket to defeat Portland, which many believe to be one of the top teams at the Western Conference, reinforces the fact that Houston is Houston. Can’t afford to trade off beards..

Harden is a generational type of talent who is currently playing at a level that players have rarely played in the history of the NBA. Harden has led the league by scoring in the last three seasons, bringing the Houston Rockets to the playoffs for eight consecutive years, no matter what his support cast looks like, and winning the top three in MVP voting each year. Many achievements of him.

Players through draft topics and future players that Houston can earn by trading with Harden are essentially zero chances that they will even be able to approach reproducing Harden’s actions and implications for the team. So it’s not worth it.

Harden makes more sense to the team than any other player in the league, except for LeBron James, when it comes to what he can do. The team led by James Harden always has a chance to win, no matter who the support cast is.

And in Houston Revamped rosterFrom top to bottom, Harden is the most talented Rockets era he has ever had. This means that if Harden were fully committed to the Stephen Silas system and acquired, Houston would not only have a chance to be one of the top teams in the West, but also a legitimate chance to win the title. I will. This missed Harden’s entire career.

The bottom line is that no matter what the team throws at Harden in Houston, it’s not worth breaking up with one of the best scorers in NBA history. The Houston Rockets hold Harden, even if it means he’s still one of the NBA’s best players at the age of 31 and will continue to feel uncomfortable with all the external noise surrounding Beard. need to do it.

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James Harden shows why he shouldn’t be traded James Harden shows why he shouldn’t be traded

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