James Harden’s net worth in 2020

What is James Harden’s net worth?

Net worth:$ 165 million
birth:August 26, 1989
Country of origin:United States of America
Source of wealth:Professional NBA player
Last updated:2020


James Harden is an American professional basketball player at the Houston Rockets in the NBA. Harden was selected for the third overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft by Oklahoma City Thunder.

As of 2020, James Harden’s net worth is approximately $ 165 million.

early life

James Edward Harden Jr. was born on August 26, 1989 in Los Angeles, California. Harden is the son of Monja Wills and James Harden Senior.

James’ father spent a lot of time in jail because of his drug problems. James thus left his father and refused to use “Junior.” As part of his name.


Harden was ranked third overall by the Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2009 NBA Draft during the 2009-2010 season.

He became an important member of the team in 2011, scoring the highest score of the season against “Phoenix Suns” and becoming the first “NBA” player to score 40 points in reserve, following Rodriguebo Bois. It was.

In 2016, he started playing in a point guard position and was named the third “Western Conference Player of the Week”.

In 2017, he signed a four-year extension contract, signing a six-year contract for about $ 228 million. This was the richest contract ever signed in the history of the NBA.

He scored the highest 56 points in his career in a winning match against “Utah Jazz”. This is lower than Calvin Murphy’s 57-point record in 1978.

As of 2020, James Harden’s net worth is $ 165 million.


Here are some of the best highlights of James Harden’s career:

  • NBA All-Rookie Team (2010)
  • NBA Most Valuable Player Award (2018)

Favorite quote from James Harden

“It’s a business and it happens for all reasons. I’m just going to play hard, play hard, and do whatever it takes to win.” – James Harden

“Being in attack mode is what I’m trying to incorporate into every game, and that’s why I’m so successful.” – James Harden

“My dream was to be in the NBA. I wasn’t too focused on becoming a star player in the team. I just wanted to go to the NBA. I’ve been in the finals since I was in the NBA. I was blessed with the opportunity to participate in the playoffs. ” – James Harden

“I’ve been aggressive this year. I still have the idea of ​​passing the ball and will get more attention by being aggressive and attacking the basket, and I’ll find a teammate. You can. Being in attack mode is what I’m trying to incorporate into every game, and that’s why I’m successful. ” – James Harden

“It’s an incredible and truly humble opportunity to be selected as a finalist for the USA Basketball National Team. It’s an honor to be with such talented players. This summer I look forward to the opportunity to represent my country. ” – James Harden

Three life lessons from James Harden

Now you have a complete understanding of James Harden’s net worth and how he was successful. Let’s take a look at some lessons that can be learned from him.

1. Love

Keep believing in love at first sight. There is a chance to meet your true love, your soulmate, and sooner or later it will happen.

2. You have to survive!

It’s not your dream job, but take it seriously. Still better than hunger! Remember that it is better to do a bad job than not to have all the jobs.

3. Food with little waste

Living consciously means wasting food and clothing. We need to have what we actually use. Health corresponds to measuring ability.


James Harden is an American professional basketball player known for his impeccable skills and ability to score high scores to help the team win important matches.

His outstanding skills and dedication to sports have earned him various acclaim, including the NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) and the PAC Player of the Year.

As of 2020, James Harden’s net worth is approximately $ 165 million.

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