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James Nakashima Return to ONE Championship We will circle on Friday, January 22nd, but will not be welterweight. The American embarks on a new journey where he finds it most comfortable to chase gold.

Nakajima was the main force 1 Welter weight division.But his main reason for staying in the division was due to his success, including a dominant victory. Yushin Okami.. After failing to win the ONE Welter World Championship, he won a timely knee match Kiamrian Abbasov, He makes his lightweight debut at ONE: Doesn’t break..

Former Nebraska Corn Hasker is another gritty fighter who pollutes his seizures. And he had remarkable success with those skills. In the new division, he also needs to enjoy the strength advantage that can enhance his advantage on the mat.

James Nakashima vs. Lightweight Shinya Aoki

But when he meets the former ONE lightweight world champion and the famous Grappler, the idea is quickly tested, Shinya Aoki..

Aoki’s match is the perfect opponent to join Nakajima’s division. Aoki provided Nakajima with a path to an immediate title battle as a fourth-place candidate, and the value of his name puts the spotlight on their contest.

Playing against Japanese stars is, most importantly, a litmus test of where Nakajima stands in the stack division. Christian Lee And Eddie Alvarez.. Everyone will get a glimpse of where his overall skill set is now.

Aoki’s ground game is one of the best games in this sport. If Nakajima could survive on the canvas, it would be of great help in emphasizing his senior struggle. Or, if Nakajima doesn’t want to test those bodies of water, he will force a stand-up game under development.

Nakajima honed boxing at the MMA lab before the pandemic, but perhaps more importantly, he was also trained by the Italian team Petrosyan in the development of his position.

James Nakashima, the toughest test ever

Illinois natives may not give fans flashy spinning techniques, but his overall game and ability to dominate makes him a very interesting athlete to watch him compete. As he adds new tools to the game, he not only becomes more dangerous, but also more exciting to see.

Aoki will be the toughest test of his career, thanks to a matchup of both particular styles, and questions about where he is lightweight and fits will be answered on a global stage. ..

Nakajima’s leap to the top of the ONE rank gave him a platform for a joint main event with one of the world’s top veterans of the sport. He has worked tirelessly to reach this point, but now he has done what he has to offer and has nothing left to show to the world.

Candidate or fake? The world will know soon.

ONE: Unbreakable will be broadcast live and free on the B / R Live app on Friday, January 22nd at 7:30 am EST / 4:30 am PST.

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James Nakashima vs. Shinya Aoki’s Pivot Lightweight Match James Nakashima vs. Shinya Aoki’s Pivot Lightweight Match

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