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Fight games are filled with the best of the best and the lowest of the lowest. Former UFC fighter James Vick has been on the receiving side of recent career lows and lost five of his last fights, four of which were unfortunately brought about by the brutal KO.

At the first UFC main event in August 2018, the future of “The Texecutioner” looked bright in the face of future interim champion Justin Gaethje. Upon entering the battle, Vic was 14-1 professionally and spoke a big match to his opponent. Vic promised to extend Gaethje’s losing streak and run him into the B-League after the fight. What happened? A “highlight” hay maker that knocks out the towering Texan.

This only marked the second loss of his Vic career. But that wouldn’t be his last.

After Gaethje landed his signature backflip, Vic played against Shark Tank, the UFC’s lightweight division. Paul Felder first faced Vic after losing only in the last five battles. Near the end of Felder in the last few seconds of the battle, the “Irish Dragon” defeated Vic by a unanimous decision. The stint didn’t end there.

Next to Murderers’ Row was Dan Hooker from New Zealand. “The Hangman” didn’t take much time to tie the figurative rope and dispatched 12 UFC veterans within 3 minutes. Vic endured three catastrophic losses within 365 days.

The defeated trio entrusted Vic to pursue a new weight class 170, hoping for a resurgence of his career. James Bick is incredibly tall for a 6’3 lightweight, so perhaps he thought weight loss was affecting his performance and overall chin. But the welterweight division will be a dead end for Fort Worth fighters.

Standing on top of fan-favorite Niko Price, Vic was knocked out again. This time, it was a shocking up kick from the reduced price. This was Vic’s last stop in his UFC career. He was then released from the UFC following a series of unfortunate events.

Two years later, a promotion named XMMA debuted at the MMA event. “The Texecutioner” was brought to the headline of a stack card full of former UFC veterans such as Marcelo Golm and Kyle Bochniak.

Come on the night of the battle, the old and successful shades of James Bick have come back to life in the first round with Andre Fialjo. Vic probably won the round for the first time in three years, surpassing the PFL veterinarian. His early success will end with Fialho unloading an insane combination of strikes on Vic. A knockdown followed in the second round, and Vick quickly stood up, letting his opponent release a burst of punches.

A minute after failing to protect his feet effectively, the referee stepped into the crown. Match winner Fialho.. Vic was enough. After losing five games in a row, he put on gloves and publicly announced his retirement. Instagram feed.

“I don’t know where to start this,” Vic said. “A few days ago I suffered the worst loss of my career. I always went out to the shield like a warrior. Last year I am very sorry to everyone who helped me a lot and believed in me. No. In fact, I haven’t felt the passion and love of fighting for a long time like I used to. But I’ve always been trained and trained hard no matter what. I’m still fighting. One of the main reasons for was to prove to his son that you can’t just give up when things get harder in life, but this isn’t a way to teach him that. Is not like failing a test or losing a basketball or soccer match. This is a martial art and this shit can be permanent. “

“One of the last punches he landed knew something was seriously wrong. The Lord knows I would have been hard and stupid to do it. So I’m glad ref intervened. My trajectory was broken on my right side, the fracture continued all the way to the other side, causing fractures on both sides, and my jaw was completely out of alignment. So tomorrow they’re finally doing surgery to fix it. It was a really perfectly placed shot. The doctor said he could definitely fight again after this if I wanted to. As I said, this was my last fight. “

“I can’t keep my family going through this. By becoming a top 10 fighter in the UFC, I’ve reached the top of the places I intended to participate in martial arts. To be honest, I’m 20 years old. Given that he didn’t start training until he was, worked almost half of it full-time, and then underwent some major surgery, it was probably a big achievement. Catch these guys who trained their entire life Trying to do that was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. The highest and lowest minimums. Thanks to the people who supported, taught and supported me. I have built a lifelong relationship on this martial arts journey. I am always very grateful. “

“My 3-year-old son is worried about having to meet his dad for 4-6 weeks with his chin closed with a wire for all of this. He’s so small that he doesn’t understand. Go ahead, focus more on your family and raise your son to be a great man. Thank you to everyone and to your memories of this sport. “

Do you think James Bick retired and did the right thing?

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James Vick retires from mixed martial arts with five consecutive losses James Vick retires from mixed martial arts with five consecutive losses

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