Jamie Lee Curtis reveals how the film addresses socially relevant issues

Halloween kill Will premiere at the Venice International Film Festival next week, and the makers have left no stones to hype the film.From the announcement of the first 5 4K Ultra HD editions Halloween A movie that releases John Carpenter’s original score, marketing is in full swing Halloween kill..Only one month left before the movie was released worldwide on October 14, lead star Jamie Lee Curtis recently talked about a new way. Halloween The trilogy happens to be inspired by social issues such as the Me Too movement and the attack on the Capitol Hill.

Jamie Lee Curtis Wins Lifetime Achievement Award at the Venice Film Festival, And she sits down with variety, where she looks back on her career and achievements, Halloween kills Socially relevant themes.First, she is new 2018 Halloween Origin and why she returned to the franchise. This is what she said,

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“It all started when Jason Blum wrote a word of email to David Gordon Green, and David and Danny McBride Trilogy.. In the 2018 movie, it turns out that Raleigh is an anthropomorphic trauma. I got married when the MeToo movement went up. Here you have a movie about a woman who has been traumatized for 40 years, and she is awake now. And it clashed with what was happening worldwide. “

2018s Halloween Considering how the Strode woman counterattacked Michael Myers, there was a surprising feminist theme.Curtis makes a movie plot #me too How movement and trauma affected her character’s life.After that, Curtis continues to reveal: Halloween kill Deal with mob violence. She mentioned in the past how the entire town of Haddonfield would stand up against Michael Myers, and John Carpenter himself teased that the film would have the highest number of bodies in the entire franchise. rice field.But this is the first time Jamie Lee Curtis I made some actual comparisons.

“And what they did in the second part of the trilogy was,’What if the rest of the town gets angry?’ We started to happen where the movies and people were taking them to the streets. Made an uprising-it was all happening in what would be the release of our movie. It was about mob violence, so they somehow instinctively understood the next wave. I wrote a movie about mob violence, and five months later the mobs started to gather. We were supposed to come out a year ago, and January 6th happened-this was the last October. This year we saw a mob descending into the US capital, which was supposed to be released in. That’s what the next movie is about. He was also the victim of Michael Myers, the town of Haddonfield. Everyone in the town is very angry with the authorities and is trying to put the law in their hands. “

The Capitol Hill attack is probably not the best comparison to make when talking about a mob fighting injustice, but Curtis still has the right to accept her own opinion. Hopefully, Halloween kill Not only is s socially relevant, it brings the horror and tension that made the 1978 original one of the greatest horror films of all time. Movies dealing with real-life horror have proven to be quite successful these days.For example, Jordan Peele is a producer Candyman No. One movie with box office revenue recently.Maybe Halloween kill The manufacturer decided to take a page from the book to devise a marketing plan.When Halloween kill It will be unveiled for the first time next week, and it’s easy to see if it will meet the expectations of fans.

David Gordon Green returns directly Halloween kill From the script, he co-authored with Danny McBride and Scott Teams. Produced by Jason Blum, Malek Akkad and Bill Block, John Carpenter, son Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davis are responsible for the background score. Halloween kill It will be released worldwide on October 14, 2021 only in theaters. Please see the full interview at the following URL. variety..

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Jamie Lee Curtis reveals how the film addresses socially relevant issues

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