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Glover Teixeira (R) will face Anthony Smith (L) in a light heavyweight match at the UFC Fight Night at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena on May 13, 2020 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Douglas P. Deferice / Getty Images)

After suffering significant losses early in his career, wrestling has steadily become a big part of the big picture of both men, and I’m curious who can win the initial partnership and exchange.

After regaining momentum recently, Brahovic has reopened a full-time training camp in Warsaw. This is where Paul was able to fill the hole that plagued him in the wrestling department.

Brahovic now looks much more capable and comfortable when changing levels to counter aggression, or when setting and chaining his own takedowns. More importantly, Blawowic’s improvements have also been translated defensively, demonstrating the basis of a solid defense in dodging offensive fighters such as Devin Clark, Luke Rockhold and Ronaldo Souza. increase.

However, despite winning these contests, Polish candidates spent a lot of time turning their backs on the fence in these battles. This can be more costly given the current opponent.

A young wrestler in Brazil, Teisheira has consistently undervalued skills in this category and can easily chain off from his favorite single-legged home base. Teixeira also displays a solid layer of defensive fighting by stuffing the first shot or smartly re-wrestling back to your feet when unloaded.

Even after being repeatedly rocked and dropped by Alexander Gustafsson and others, the Brazilians were able to quickly attack their backs, begin intelligent scrambling and return to battle. If Teixeira can beat or reverse the current champion, Blachowicz needs to take his best action, even if the challenger is injured.

Glover Teixeira is back from death:

Thanks to Brahovic, he is a proven Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, not only good at transitions and top positions, but also seemingly capable when he needs to go to submissions and scramble opportunities. Flexible from the bottom. That said, Polish fighters need to be especially careful whenever they turn their backs from submission attempts or scramble against Teisheira.

As we’ve seen in many of Teisheira’s battles so far, Brazilians can close the show if you put out a turtle or expose your back in transit. A fluent pressure passer and position rider, Teisheira is a master chef when it comes to cooking enemies under him.

Using an orderly (and cruelly) ground strike, Teisheira fuels the fire when forcing him to choke his head and arms if the enemy turns to him, or to rear-naked choke if the enemy turns his back. To add. Brahovic may be able to survive the first stanza, but the fight is definitely worth watching over the champion’s gas tank at once.

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Jan Blawowic vs. Glover Teixeira Jan Blawowic vs. Glover Teixeira

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