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UFC 267 Jan Blawowic And Glover Teixeira. The battle is Brahovic’s second defense of the title, after winning a free belt against Dominick Reyes and defending against Israel Adesanya. For Teisheira, it’s his second shot in the title after challenging Jon Jones in 2014. The key to this battle is not easy to understand. The battle is actually quite significant on paper and can be dangerous. Let’s take a look.

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UFC 267: Jan Blawowic needs patience

Patience is the secret to defeating Glover Teixeira. The two recent battles in which this can be seen are against Thiago Santos and Ion Cuteraba. Both fighters were almost away from Teixeira. However, these battles saw the old Teisheira fight back in battle and escape with a rather brutal victory. In both cases, Santos and Cuterava blew their wads and allowed veterans of the patient to go their own way, despite being on the verge of unconsciousness.

Jan Blachowicz should take a similar approach to Alexander Gustafsson in 2017. The performance of Uppercut Spam has systematically broken Glover apart by Swedish candidates. Blawic showed excellent ability to do this for both Dominick Reyes and Israel Adesanya. Against Reyes, Brahovic dominated the first round, inflating with a kick and eventually leaving Reyes in Round 2. Adesanya was even more of this idea. Adesanya is one of the most mentally burdensome fighters to fight, but Brahovic did not succumb to the pressure and was able to defeat the fight and win.

Even if Brahovic hurt Teisheira, he shouldn’t do his best to blow the wad. Instead, take the time to break him apart and systematically disassemble the Teisheira. When fighting a veteran like Glover Teixeira, he must be aware of Teixeira’s ability to save his energy and drag the fight deeply where he thrives. Going to the body is a great way to offset it. But if Teisheira catches the kick and challenges the ground to fight it all, he needs to be careful with the kick.

Can Glover Teixeira be an MMA Cinderella Man?

Earlier this week, Glover Teixeira talked about his journey back to the title, which is really terrible ()You need to take a moment to check it). If he can return to the title, he can win the title. All the adversity he experienced took him so far. His veteranship is his key to the fight that can lead him to titles that have always avoided him.

Jan Blachowicz has become a very smart fighter these days. But if anyone has an MMA chop to go through Brahovic, where a solid game plan is likely to appear in UFC 267, this fight must be dirty and dirty for Teisheira. He needs to make everything Brahovic do difficult. This leads Brahovic to look for shortcuts and easier ways to reach Glover Teixeira. Grabber can then take advantage of Brahovic’s mistakes and make him even more annoyed.

The story of Glover Texiera returning to the title is already great, but it will be forgotten when he loses. Teixeira will be a footnote to Jones and Blachowicz’s career. His legacy is at stake here. Teisheira needs to use his pressure, experience, and Pentecost to come up with a champion in order to finally realize his dream of becoming a UFC champion.

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Jan Blawowic vs. Glover Teixeira Jan Blawowic vs. Glover Teixeira

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