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January 25 COVID-19 test results and vaccination

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Note: For Bloomberg Great data on vaccination..

“Vaccinations in the United States began on December 14th with healthcare professionals. 23.5 million shots were givenAccording to Bloomberg’s state-by-state tabulation and data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. last week, Average 1.25 million doses per day It was administered. “

Also check the graph at Prediction of COVID-19 vaccine The site has several interactive graphs related to US COVID vaccination, including a breakdown of the number of people who received a single vaccination and the number of people who received both vaccinations.

The 7-day average case may have peaked. Take care! We look forward to not posting this data within a few months.

Currently, an average of nearly 2 million tests are performed daily in the United States. Based on experience in other countries, daily in the United States, the positive rate should be less than 5% (probably close to 1%) for proper testing and tracing (and isolation) to reduce infection. Too many cases-Positive rate-Perform effective testing and tracing.

The number of test results reported in the last 24 hours was 1,696,188.

There were 133,067 positive tests.

To date, more than 75,000 American deaths have been reported in January.See graph above Here the daily death of the United States..

Click the graph to see the enlarged image.

This data is COVID tracking project..

The positive rate for the last 24 hours was 7.8% (red line is the average for 7 days). The positive rate is calculated by dividing the positive result by the total test (including pending).

And check out COVID Act Now Check the status of each state. (Updated link to new site)

COVID-119 Positive test per dayThe second graph shows the 7-day average of reported positive tests and daily hospitalizations.

Cases and hospitalizations may have peaked, but have declined from very high levels.

January 25 COVID-19 test results and vaccination January 25 COVID-19 test results and vaccination

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