January 29, 2021 British cinema assassin

Dogwoof is pleased to announce it Assassin, Ryan White’s latest movie (Proceedings against 8, Keepers, ask Dr. Ruth), Released in cinema and digitized on demand from 29th January.

Assassin From the sanctuary of Pyongyang to the courtrooms of Indonesia and Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur, tell the extraordinary story of manipulation and ingenuity in the age of social media. Investigating the true story of Kim Jong Nam’s murder from an unprecedented perspective, Order of Assassins It’s a very unlikely story of a computational dictator, a malicious conspiracy, a very public murder, and two women fighting for their lives.

In 2017, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s half-brother, Kim Jong Nam, was assassinated in a busy departure hall at Malaysia International Airport. The brilliantly serious murder took place in the daytime, completely shot by a security camera. The footage shows two young women approaching John Nam from behind, covering their eyes with both hands and pushing VX, the deadliest nerve agent on the planet, into his eyes. He stumbled and died within an hour. But if the murder was extreme, the next story was even stranger. The two women who killed John Nam claimed they were hired just to do a video prank and didn’t know what they were actually doing. The Malaysian government has ridiculed, arrested, imprisoned and tried murder in the face of the death penalty. But were their quirky stories really true? And does anyone believe them?

Ryan White is Jessica Hargrave (Visible: Outside the TV, ask Dr. Ruth of the Keepers). Doug Bock Clark is Executive Producer and author of GQ’s “Assassination of Kim Jong Nam”, which influenced the film.

Assassin It will be released to UK cinemas and digital on-demand from the 29thth January

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Assassins in UK Cinemas 29th January 2021

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