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January FPI net buyers SEK 14,649

New Delhi: Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI) Remaining net buyers of 14,649 rupees in India market In January, global liquidity became available and emerging markets became a priority destination for foreign funding.

According to the FPI statistics available at the depository Foreign investors It injected a net amount of Rs 19,473 into the stock, but withdrew Rs 4,824 from the debt segment between January 1st and January 29th.

The total net investment in January was Rs 14,649.

Morningstar India Associate Director (Manager Research) Obesity Sri Bastava “Excessive liquidity in global financial markets, where the world’s central banks and governments have announced stimulus to support a shrinking economy, has helped India benefit from this trend in emerging markets, he said. Has entered the market. ”

VK Vijayakumar, Chief Investment Strategist at Geojit Financial Services, Budget, FPI is a little concerned about the future market direction and has therefore seen sales in the last few days.

He further stated that India was one of the highest recipients of FPI funds in emerging markets in November and December and played a key role in pushing the Sensex to the 50,000 level record.

“Given the uncertainty surrounding the budget, the FPI would have preferred to record some profit at these levels,” Srivastava said.

Rusmik Oza, Executive Vice President and Head of Kotaku Securities, outlines emerging markets and has seen significant sales of FPI in most emerging markets, with the exception of India and a few other countries. Said.

“In countries like South Korea and Taiwan, FPI outflows over the past month have been $ 5.3 billion and $ 3.4 billion, respectively,” Oza said.

He added that countries like India and some oil-producing countries can still expect positive FPI flows in the medium term.

“Such a move happens from time to time,” said Harsh Jain, co-founder and chief operating officer of Grown, about the current sale by FPI.

He added that in the long run India will continue to be an attractive investment destination among emerging markets. According to Jane, it was verified by the influx of FPI into the country in 2020, when only outflows were seen in almost every other emerging market.

January FPI net buyers SEK 14,649 January FPI net buyers SEK 14,649

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