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January sales are full of goodies to give your home a new start

Our homes tend to look dull and naked when sparkling lights and bright boring things come down.

But when the New Year’s sale begins, there are plenty of chunky discounts on luxury goods in every room.

We tracked some of the most compelling reductions, such as investing in the living room, upgrading towels, and the new look of the bedroom.

Discount: The Cotswold Company Chester Dove Gray Bench costs £ 325

Designer dining

The dinner party may feel like a distant memory, but you can enjoy your time around a stylish table-and you’re ready to be impressed when the entertainment returns to the agenda.

Perch and Parrow’s Broment Elm table blends contemporary with traditional farm design.

Made from recycled elm with a parquet design, it has 8 seats, 30% off and is now £ 756 ( The West Elm Tower 6-seat dining table is also 30% off, now £ 699 (

Luxury life

Many of us have spent most of the year relaxing on the couch. So why not seize the opportunity to upgrade during sale?

Heal’s Hampstead 4-seater is a modern twist on traditional design, down 30% to £ 1,

In India Jane, Lancaster Linwood Tango Ocher sofas have saved over £ 1,000 and are now £ 3,220. Deep seats and velvet upholstery have plumbing that matches the entire rigid rigid frame (

For tight spaces and budgets, try the black and gold tapered legs as opposed to the sweet pea and willow Anita 2-seater decorated with teal. 20% off, now £ 448 (

The cushion has a wall-to-wall reduction. Try Oka with 62% off Vallauris teal and pink cushion cover for £ 22 per pop (

40% Off: 40% Off John Lewis Le Creuset Cast Iron Casserole Pots for Luxury Cookware, now £ 147 (

40% Off: For luxury cookware, John Lewis’s Le Creuset cast iron casserole pot is 40% off and is now £ 147 (

Chic kitchen

Modern dressers can offer the coveted refurbishment for your kitchen.

If space matters, Wayfair has a free-standing single-door Radha with a central drawer for silverware, four adjustable internal shelves for tableware, a bulky serial box, and an embedded recession with antique matte nickel hardware. There is a door panel.

Even better, it’s £ 237.99, 45% off (

For luxury cookware, John Lewis’s Le Creuset cast iron casserole pot is 40% off and is now £ 147 (

Happy Hole Way

First impressions are important, so why not invest in an eye-catching table in the hallway? India Jane’s Oxford console is gray with ample storage space in two drawers and a wicker shelf beneath it.

20% off at £ 184 ( To help clutter the hallways, the Cotswolds Chester Dove Gray Bench has two deep drawers for £ 325 and £ 50 off (£ 325)

Sleep in style

Now is the time to invest in a great sleep setup. Dwell’s Cavendish King size bed, with a cushioned headboard and storage space underneath, is £ 150 off and is currently £ 849 (price)

Browse mattresses from Bensons for Beds for up to 60% off (up to 60% off ( Mattresses are up to 20% off at Dunelm (

If your bed still has more life, the statement headboard can add interest. All Willow & Hall upholstered designs are 20% off and there are plenty of bold fabrics (

Dress up your bed with the luxurious sheets of The White Company. TheWhiteCompany offers 30% off bedding, including sheets with 500 and 1,000 thread counts (starting at £ 11.20)

Study smart

Working from home tends to continue, so try to be as comfortable and stylish as possible. Due to its minimalist look, Dunelm’s black softline desk is 20% off and is currently £ 167.20 (

Add some playfulness with Nettles’ ergonomic desk chair. There is a selection of bright colors, down 19% to £ 119.99 (

Beautiful bathroom

Soft cotton towels at sunset are £ 1.25 to 50% off ()

For bathroom storage, try the Habitat lacquered pink oak tray top table. Half price £

What your home really needs is … a new kitchen knife

If you’re eager to liven up your cooking game in 2021, a good kitchen knife can help. The Larousse Culinary Dictionary lists eight basic types of blades and ten specialized blades as standard requirements.

But how many do you really need in your home? Unless you have enough drawer space, a bread knife, carving knife, pairing knife, all-purpose knife, and chef’s knife will suffice.

Ideally, this should be “full tongue”-the metal of the blade extends to the end of the handle.

Options include Wüsthof’s classic chef knives (; £ 51 to £ 85 depending on size) to the photo Kuhn block set (£ 41.98, ..

The set of three Sabatier knives (chef, bread and pairing) has been reduced from £ 66 to £ 49.99 with kitchen knives (

John Lewis does not sell online due to strict age verification laws regarding the sale of knives through the website.

However, bargains such as the Robert Welch Signature set have been reduced from £ 100 to £ 50 in the open stores. It consists of two knives and perhaps the most important part of all, a pencil sharpener.

Ann Ashworth

January sales are full of goodies to give your home a new start January sales are full of goodies to give your home a new start

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