Japanese retailers crack down after PS5 chaos

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A crowd of PS5 shoppers this weekend Caused confusion At a Yodobashi Camera retail store in Akihabara, Tokyo. Police were called in and sales were suspended. Famitsu It currently reports that retailers have established requirements for purchasing Sony consoles.

by Famitsu, You have to have Gold Points and Visa card in the store, as well as use it to buy the console at the Akihabara store..The card is used as Regular credit card It also includes points that can be earned when purchasing with Yodobashi Camera. If you do not have it yet, it may take up to 2 weeks to apply.

By request You can track your purchase history with your Yodobashi Camera credit card.

However, the cardholder Those who have already purchased PS5, Not only multiple Nintendo Switch consoles in the past, Your purchase will be refused.. We have other rules, such as prohibiting those who try to use the cards of other members and those who “inconvenience other customers”.

PS5 sales at the shop will be irregular, but Famitsu add. All of these measures have been taken to ensure a safe shopping environment. Prevent Scalper from buying consoles at Akihabara store..these Step It has already been shot at another Yodobashi Camera location.

Other retailers In Japan, we use raffle with customers who have won the chance to buy a console. This system was not introduced during the weekend turmoil.

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