Japanese “Super Mario-kun” manga series releases English version for the first time

The manga series “Super Mario-kun” published in Japan has been localized for English-speaking viewers, and new books have been released in North America and Europe.

Written by Yukio Sawada and regularly published in Japan’s Korokoro magazine, this series has added its own crazy spin to Mario’s franchise since 1991. Operated over 50 volumes, it features stories based on Mario classics such as Paper Mario and Super Mario. Sunshine, etc. – You may remember that it inspired one of the outfits available at Super Mario Maker.

The new English book, entitled “Super Mario Manga Mania,” contains a selection of stories from Sawada’s series. Americans can get a copy from Amazon or Walmart right now, but Europeans have to wait a bit longer (Amazon UK says it will be available in January).

From crazy to classic, Mario and his friends will be on a world-traveling adventure, one of the biggest video game series ever!

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