Japan’s “decline” PlayStation, PS5 may sell less than half of PS4

Is Sony making a big mistake in Japan? (Photo: Sony)

Sony has once again been accused of ignoring the Japanese market, as the PS5 has the weakest PlayStation launch ever in Japan.

“Sony doesn’t take Japan seriously,” the analyst group Ace Institute of Economic Research warns. They predict that the PlayStation 5 will continue the history of the decline of PlayStation consoles in the region.

The PlayStation 5 sold just 240,000 consoles in Japan in the first six weeks, significantly less than the other PlayStation launches.

Analyst Hideki Yasuda, The Japanese version of claims that PlayStation 5 sales could be “less than half that of PS4,” according to current trends.

“Sony may believe that a high-end gaming experience isn’t necessary in Japan, where Moe is the mainstream,” writes Yasuda, translated by Reset Era.

“Platform makers are losing motivation to take responsibility in the Japanese market. Early PS5 trends show that the Japanese PlayStation brand is decisively declining, and the ACE Economic Research Institute is disappointed. I don’t get. I think Sony will regret this. “

Sales of PlayStation 4 in Japan are already disappointing at less than 10 million units, and PlayStation 5 seems to continue to decline in Sony’s home country.

Japanese consumers and analysts have already criticized the launch of PlayStation 5. This changed the default control layout of the controller and could not provide a Japanese translation of the console’s public event.

More importantly, few Japanese-made games are under development at Sony, Astro’s Playroom is the only release title (Demons Souls remake by American Studio Bluepoint), and Gran Turismo 7 is now announced. This is the only title that attracts attention.

There is particular concern that Sony’s Japan Studio is being ignored, developer contracts have not been renewed, and support team staff have been reduced. This was reported at the same time as the exit of experienced talents such as Bloodborne producer Teruyuki Toriyama and Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama. ..

Sony denied the problem, and PlayStation boss Jim Ryan told Edge magazine that “the Japanese market remains very important to us.” However, in the report, Yasuda responds directly to these comments.

“I am very grateful to the Sony headquarters for telling me that they value the Japanese market. I think it is very likely that Sony takes Japan seriously,” he said. ..

However, their emotions are valuable, but their behavior does not match those emotions. As a result, users believe that Sony and CEO Jim Ryan are ignoring the Japanese market. In referring to this, you may think that this is simply a guess by the ACE Institute of Economic Research.

Yasuda dates back to the decision to move the PlayStation business to the United States in 2016. We are concerned that this decision will ultimately lead to redundancy in Europe and that the PlayStation will be too American-centric.

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PlayStation in ‘decline’ in Japan, PS5 may sell ‘less than half of PS4’ says analyst

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