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Jared Goff acknowledged his former head coach’s comments on Tuesday after Sean McVay talked about the trade that sent him to Detroit.

The main story of the Sunday match Detroit Lions The Los Angeles Rams are quarterbacks that were exchanged for each other during the last offseason.Not to mention Matthew Stafford Face Lions for the first time, And Jared Goff returns to Los Angeles to confront the Rams.

Rams head coach Sean McVay admitted on Monday How the transaction was processed.. Specifically, I regretted the communication with Goff.

“Yes, I wish I had better, clearer communication,” McBay said on Monday. “If I say it’s completely processed on my side, I’m not completely accurate in that regard. I can’t say it’s perfect, but I’ll learn a few things I can do better. That’s a mistake. I think it was one of them. “

“You don’t want to be surprised by a man,” McBay said. “It was put together much faster than everyone expected, but of course you’ll always want to understand and empathize with difficult decisions and people’s influences …”

Goff said he was blinded by the move. He said McBay hadn’t contacted him about the trade call that sent him to Detroit as part of Stafford’s package since the end of last year’s Rams season.

Jared Goff acknowledges regret for McBay’s trade and kindly dismisses it

Goff is here 97.1 Ticket is Karsch and Anderson show Tuesday. He was asked if McBay’s regrets about trade meant anything to him.

“Of course, it was good to hear. It was good to hear.” “But at the same time, it was treated as it was and I didn’t feel much pain. It’s just the way of doing business. Since the trade, when it happened, I We had a clear discussion, but that’s okay, that is, thank you for saying that, but it was treated as before. “

Rams apparently upgraded under the center by winning Stafford, and McBay should not regret the trade even if he feels the need to say so publicly. The contract extension that the team stopped Goff from appearing in the Super Bowl is another story.

There is no way for Goff to go to scorched earth-Earth by saying more than he said about McBay’s expression of regret about how trade was dealt with. But Tuesday’s punch line in Goff’s words suggests that “it was treated as it was” is still a bit of a pain. If he could dismiss McBay more calmly without looking bad, he probably did.

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Jared Goff acknowledges and dismisses Sean McVay’s regrets over the trade Jared Goff acknowledges and dismisses Sean McVay’s regrets over the trade

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