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Jasmine Jasda Visius
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Jasmine Jasda Visius (4-1 MMA) When she meets, she’s about to rebound from her first professional defeat Ashley Dean (5-5 MMA) At CFFC93 on Friday.

Jasudavicius likes this match because he believes both she and Deen like to move forward. Canadians consider themselves pressure fighters.

“”It’s a match for fans, it’s for sure, “Jasda Visius told MMA Sucka.

Lessons learned

Jasda Visius is back in the flyweight division after dropping her last fight to a straw weight CFFC £ 115 title.She ran out and lost the split decision Elize Ryd..

“Honestly, I thought I won the fight,” said Jasda Visius. “I thought the takedown was like sealing it, but I put it in the hands of the judge. It was always my intention to end the fight and overextend it, Whatever, I learned from it. I learned lessons from the fight, but yeah, I think I won the fight, but the loss taught me a lot. . “

The biggest lesson she has learned is to be more patient.

“In mixed martial arts and in my life, I was pushing too far and pushing too hard,” said Jasda Visius. “I didn’t spend any downtime or time trying to evaluate the process and show worthy respect for MMA. I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned is to be more patient and more enjoyable. “

Jasda Visius has not denied a return to straw weights, but said he was happy with the flyweight competition.

She feels she can win another CFFC title shot if she beats Dean. This time it’s flyweight. She said she was “sick” of having the potential to become a CFFC dual-weight champion in the future.

“Winning two titles in the same organization is a big goal, but I don’t think this is an unrealistic goal,” says Jasudavicius. “But for now, I’m really only focusing on Ashley Dean’s fight. The fight before me. Then I’ll reassess it.”

Jasudavicius said he is open to every opportunity, but he wants to compete for a particular MMA organization.

“My eyes are on the UFC,” she said. “I started by looking at the UFC, and I continued that trend. I’m sure I’m opening the door to other organizations.”

Jasmine Jasda Visius vs Ashley Dean

Jasda Visius has no predictions about how the battle with Dean will end. Instead, she plans to implement the lessons learned from her defeat to Reed.

“I’m going to open up the fight organically,” she said. “I’m still always looking for a finish. I prefer finishing to a judge’s decision. But I’m not going to force anything. To be honest, I’m waiting to get in there. I can’t cut it. “

CFFC 93 Is scheduled for Friday, March 12th. Cards containing Jasmine Jasda Visius vs. Ashley Dean will be down at Philadelphia’s 2300 Arena and aired on UFC Fight Pass.

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Jasmine Jasudavicius Talks CFFC 93 Fight vs. Ashley Deen Jasmine Jasudavicius Talks CFFC 93 Fight vs. Ashley Deen

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