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Philadelphia – Philadelphia Eagles All Pro Center Jason Kerke He announced that he would return to the 11th season and rebuilt his 2021 contract.

Kelsey has considered retiring in the last few offseasons, but has decided to play for at least another year, despite the Eagles having gone through a transition period.

The redone transaction includes a $ 9 million guarantee and could be worth up to $ 12 million, sources told ESPN. The contract is multi-year, but it basically acts as a one-year contract and provides a 2021 Philadelphia cap relief.

“I’m really excited to be back and play for the Eagles,” Kelsey said via the team’s website. “I’ve always said I’m playing until otherwise, but I still have a strong desire to play soccer. I still want to do it. I want to be around everyone. I want to be. Around the building, around the coach. Around. I’m still enjoying that aspect and I’m not ready to stop it yet. I’m excited about the lot of energy flowing around now, and I also want I didn’t want to end my career in a season like last year. I don’t think it’s right.

“I want to keep the Eagles, knowing that I have left them in good hands.”

Philadelphia, which entered this week, is projected to exceed the cap by about $ 40 million.We also remade the cornerback contract. Darius Srey, A source confirmed by ESPN, and reportedly frees about $ 9 million.

With tackles, other rebuilds may come Lane Johnson And defensive end Brandon Graham Among potential candidates.

Kelsey’s return is a big deal for Eagles’ new coach Nick Sirianni, who took over the team that was injured last season 4-11-1. Kelsey was a constant in one of the attack lines that had 13 different groups of NFL records in the first 14 weeks.

He quietly put together a resume worth considering inducting into the Hall of Fame. Kelsey was the first team all-pro of the three times and made four Pro Bowls while serving as team leader, including during Philadelphia’s 2017 Championship Run.

“I’m having fun, and as long as I’m having fun and I feel like I’m playing at the level I want to do, I’ll keep doing that,” Kelsey said. “I’m looking forward to our future.”

The NFL Network first reported details of Kelsey’s reworked contract.

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Jason Kelce and Philadelphia Eagles reach New Deal for 2021 season Jason Kelce and Philadelphia Eagles reach New Deal for 2021 season

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