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Ready to start making his mark at UFC, Welter weight Jason witt I will re-enter the Octagon on March 13, 2021. Glory MMA The product made its debut at the UFC in late 2020. In his last out he won a big win in the submission. Can Wit make 2021 his year? His journey begins on March 13, 2021 at UFC Fight Night: Edwards vs Muhammad.

Journey to Jason Witt and the UFC

As expected, the road to becoming the world’s largest organization is steep and cruel. To help push them to this pedestal in the martial arts world, in addition to great skills, you need a great team behind the fighters. Originally from Kansas City, it’s no wonder Witt arrived at Glory MMA & Fitness.

“Glory MMA & Fitness is like home. The people inside are not like the others in the world. We are a close group that wants to help and see others succeed,” Wit said. Said. MyMMANews.. “The experience and leadership surrounding Glory has allowed me to understand my potential and move forward beyond my expectations. The spirit and work ethics of the people who live there can take you to the next level. , Forces it to decline. I think it’s rarely seen. “Jim contains a brilliant heart. James Claus With top-ranked featherweight Megan Anderson, Will participate in the featherweight championship at UFC259 in March 2021.

Beginning his professional career in March 2013, Witt has joined organizations such as Shamrock FC and Titan FC. Wit also beats UFC veterans and BKFC fighters. Isaac Valley Flag.. In addition, while continuing to climb professionally, he competed in organizations such as LFA, and Witt won four consecutive victories to win a call from the UFC.

Future fight with UFC

The debut was finally made at UFC Fight Night: Poirier vs Hooker in June 2020.Faced with deadly experienced strikers such as: Takashi SatoProved to be a rigorous test. Unfortunately, Wit’s night ended much earlier than he had hoped for. Four months later, Witt is back at UFC Fight Night: Hall vs Silva. Witt refused to lose twice in a row and broke his arm triangle in the second round. Wit is currently facing another challenge at Matthew Semels Burger in the UFC Fight Night. This is Edwards vs Muhammad on March 13, 2021. Powerful and impressive. I’m Fing exciting! “

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Jason Witt is ready to notify the UFC Jason Witt is ready to notify the UFC

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