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The following article is part of Jay Jaffy’s ongoing investigation of candidates in the BBWAA2021 Hall of Fame vote. Use the tools above for a detailed introduction to this year’s ballot and other candidates in the series. There is an introduction of JAWS here.. All WAR numbers refer to the Baseball-Reference version unless otherwise stated.

2021BBAA One-And-Done Candidates, Part 3

player position Career WAR Peak WAR Jaws WL S IP so Era ERA +
LaTroy Hawkins RP 17.8 16.1 17.0 75-94 127 1467.1 983 4.31 106

Source: Baseball-Reference

LaTroy Hawkins Traveled as often as they came. The 6-foot-5, 220-pound Lighty spent 21 years in Major League Baseball, pitching to 11 different teams (excluding return engagement in Colorado) at 44 different stadiums. Generally a setup man (although he spent some time closing), he never made an all-star team, but pitched five times in the postseason with four different franchises, including the Rockies World Series. .. He’s stuck long enough to be the 16th pitcher in 1,000 games and is currently ranked 10th in history.

1,000 game pitchers

Source: Baseball-Reference

As he gained senior politician status, Hawkins became more and more active in speaking about the declining presence of black players in the majors. This is the tendency he witnessed directly.Per the study According to SABR’s Mark Armor and Daniel R. Levitt, African Americans made up 16.1% of roster players in 1995, when Hawkins debuted, but that number was in his final year, 2015. Decreased to 7.2%.

“Baseball has become a very expensive sport to play in all these travel leagues, travel teams and all showcases,” said retired Hawkins. Said RingerBen Lindbergh and Michael Baumann in 2017 note that barriers to entry have become more impressive since the beginning of his own career.

“African-American children [and] Minority children can’t go to their parents [ask them to] You pay $ 3, 4, 5,000 in one summer so you can play baseball and travel to all these showcases. “

… ”I don’t think African-American children living in the city center give them the opportunity to play professional baseball. I’m from Gary, Indiana, so I wasn’t a baseball player, so if you give them a chance, you don’t know what you have. Minnesota Twins, Terry Ryan, Larry Corrigan, Mike Radcliffe, and those guys played basketball and seized the opportunity for a small baseball athletic kid in high school. They gave a child like me a chance. “

Born December 21, 1972 in Gary, Indiana, Hawkins grew up and was good at baseball as well as basketball. According to folkloreHe once packed the 1994 NBA’s number one comprehensive pick Glen Robinson in a high school game. Hawkins was offered a full basketball scholarship to Indiana, but major league scouts began to show interest in him as a pitcher, even though he was very raw. There was no pitching coach..

Hawkins said Ringer, “I went to all the pre-draft camps and went as a center fielder and a batter. They saw me do that, but when I saw me on the mound, they said,” No, no, Kid. You’re going to pitch … Mike Radcliffe, the first thing he said when he saw me [that] I had a magical arm. “

The Twins chose Hawkins in the seventh round of 1991, and he signed a $ 28,000 bonus. Climbing the ladder as a starter, he mapped himself as expected to dominate the 1993 season in the Midwest League, scoring 2.06 ERA with 179 strikes in 157 innings.Next spring he cracked Baseball AmericaTop 100 prospect list is 92nd. After the 1994 season split into double A and triple A, he climbed to 30th place, defeating the Twins camp in 1995 with a post-strike roster expansion and becoming a major.League debut April 29 Against the Orioles. It didn’t work. He was robbed of seven runs in 1.2 innings and was “highlighted” with a three-run home run. Harold Baines And 2 run singles Cal Ripken Jr.

Hawkins was knocked around with two more starts before being sent back to Triple A Salt Lake City. He returned to the start three more times in September, only one of which was good. On September 24th, he defeated the White Sox with a complete game of 5 hits. He finished the year with the unsightly 8.67 ERA in 27 innings, but the story was similar. In 1996, he made the Twins again and made 6 innings, 1 run and 5 strikeouts in his season debut against the Orioles on April 5. He also advanced his career by defeating 10 Tigers on April 25 and turning out to be the only victory of the season, but by mid-May he and his 8.20 ERA I’m back in Salt Lake City.

The Twins still spent most of the next three seasons trying to start Hawkins with terrifying consequences.His secondary pitch remained while he had a fastball at 95 mph. Work in progress, And he was particularly prone to Homer. From 1997 to 1999, he made 86 starts, but turned on at 5.90 ERA (82 ERA +). This was higher than all but two of the 134 pitchers in at least 300 innings in that span, at 1.44 homers per nine in 468 innings. 6.66 ERA in 1999.

Finally, Twins moved 27-year-old Hawkins to the bullpen in 2000. He didn’t miss a lot of bats, but posted 3.39ERA in 87.2 innings. He ended the year with a 14-14 save opportunity, then saved 14 out of 15 and started 2001 before the performance suffered. He recorded 28 saves, but won an AL lead with 9 saves, walked 6.8 per 9 innings and finished with 5.96 ERA in 51.1 innings.

Up to this point in his career, Hawkins had 5.78 ERA (85 ERA +) and 2.6 WAR in 660.1 innings. This did not suggest a long way to go. Still, he adjusted and prospered, improving his dynamics and thereby improving his command. In the next 14 seasons, he posted 3.10 ERA (142 ERA +) in 15.4 WAR, reducing his walking rate from 3.5 / 9 to 2.2 and his Homer rate from 1.3 / 9 to 0.7. Among the rescuers Francisco Rodriguez He threw more innings than his 807 in that span.

In 2002-03, Hawkins made a total of 139 appearances and posted 2.00 ERA. Strikeouts are 7.9 times and walks are 1.7 times per 9 times, which is equivalent to a total of 5.4 WAR. He returned to the setup role and helped the Twins win the AL Central title in a row. He was relieved after six scoreless appearances against A and Angels in the 2002 postseason. Johan Santana, Go Ahead 3 Runs Just surrendered a home run Adam Kennedy It was Game 5 of the ALCS, but none of the three batters he faced could retire. Subsequent 10-run innings helped eliminate the twins. In 2003, Hawkins scored two scoreless innings against the Yankees in the opening round of the Division Series, winning the team’s only series.

Hawkins left the Twins through a free agent after the 2003 season and signed a two-year $ 8 million contract with the Cubs for the 2006 player option.After starting the year in the role of setup, he took over a close mission when it was ineffective Joe Borrowski Lost for a year due to a rotator cuff injury, saving 25 games at 2.63 ERA.

The Cubs had 89 wins, one more than the previous year, but finished third at NL Central. On their way to the 79-win season, they exchanged Hawkins for similarly mediocre Giants. David Aardsma And Jerome Williams May 28th. His season was unobtrusive and he was traded to the Orioles after exercising the $ 4.4 million option in 2006. Steve Klein..

It didn’t make sense for Hawkins to struggle for the 92-loss team. He was lucky at the next stop and signed a one-year or more mutual option contract with the Rocky Mountains. Despite a month’s absence due to elbow inflammation, he recorded 3.42 ERA (141 ERA +) in 55.1 innings, helping the team secure a wild card berth with 14-1 tears at the end of the season. I did. In the postseason, while helping the Rockies win his first pennant, he allowed one run in five innings, but was hit by the World Series Red Sox.

Hawkins, 35, went out again when Colorado refused to end the mutual option. He spent the first four months of 2008 as a yankee, but was traded to the Astros on July 3rd, then re-uploaded to Houston and spent time as their closer. For his career at the Astros, he posted 1.71 ERA with 12 saves in 84.1 innings. He lost most of the first half of the two years and lost a $ 7.5 million deal with Brewers to culminate in pain in surgery to remove the rotator cuff and lips, but in 2011 In the postseason, the team that returned to help them win NL Central in the year and threw scoreless innings four times was eliminated by the Cardinals.

After spending 2012 with Angels, Hawkins, 40, had to agree on a minor league deal from Mets. Not only did he succeed in 2.93 ERA, he also recorded 13 saves in the last third of the season. Bobby Parnell Lost for a year due to herniated disc. He returned to Colorado with a one-plus option contract to conclude the entire 2014 season. The last appearance of the year was the 1,000th of his career in Los Angeles on September 27th.

After announcing that the 2015 season would be his last season, Hawkins returned to setup obligations in Colorado, but on July 28, 2015 he traded with him. Troy Tulowitzki As part of the six blockbusters with the Blue Jays.After a strong August, 42-year-old Lighty pitched modestly in September, but the Orioles struck out at the end of the game. Ryan Flaherty On September 30th, he won the first spot after the Blue Jays season since 1992.

Unfortunately, Hawkins didn’t do much in the postseason. The Blue Jays reached ALCS before falling to the Royals, allowing multiple runs in all three appearances. He retired and soon took up the Twins position as a special assistant in the baseball operations department.

“I spent a quarter of a century in professional baseball,” Hawkins said. Said Next spring. “It’s been a while to have fun. I enjoyed playing games. I met a lot of great people. I went to a lot of cool places. I did a lot of cool things. Did.”

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JAWS and 2021 Hall of Fame Voting: One-time Voting, Part 3 JAWS and 2021 Hall of Fame Voting: One-time Voting, Part 3

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