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Washington-This was a pretty good way Jayson Tatum To get out of his poor shooting.

Tatum scored 51 points and 48 points in the first three quarters. Boston Celtics In the breeze 116-87 Victory over- Washington Wizards on Sunday.

Tatam made nine three pointers and shot 18-of-28 from the field. It was after he shot 0 to 17 across the arc in the three games before him.

“When you’re missing a shot, you know what you can do, and sometimes you have to laugh at it,” Tatam said. “It’s as easy as not making shots. I play a lot of games.”

Tatum scored 31 points in half-time, reached 50 on a drive to the basket, and had about 4 minutes and 30 seconds left. He played with an additional technical foul free throw at 3:55 and then checked out the game. Meanwhile, a Washington spectator with lots of green Boston fans gave a standing ovation.

“It’s an incredible feeling,” Tatam said. It’s not natural to see a lot of fans wearing Tatum ‘0’ jerseys. There are 450 weird guys in the league and they have time to go buy my jersey. I think it took. “

Bradley Beal Wizards, who has never returned from being on the COVID-19 health and safety protocol list by Wes Unseld Jr., scored 19 points. Washington, who has one game left on the eight-game home stand, lost three games in a row.

Boston led 46-45 in the second quarter, but Tatam’s 17 footer started a 14-0 run and closed the half. Tatum added two free throws and two three pointers during that stretch, ending with 18 points in the quarter.

“It went down almost to the end of the second quarter,” Unseld said. “In essence, it was a game.”

Tatum reached 40 points in two free throws, leaving 4:48 for the third time. After a while, Dunk put him even at the best 42 of the season he set against Milwaukee last month. He added two more threes before the end of the quarter, the second raising Boston to 89-62.

“He spent the night in honor of Tatam,” Anseld said. “Obviously 51 points is a real number. I think he was 6 to 8 on the tough shot pull-up 3. I can’t make any excuses. He’s struggling but found the rhythm tonight.”

Tatum seems to have taken three more shots in the last minute of the third quarter, made all the mistakes and realized that his day might be over. He finished the third bucket shy 50 and finished the game.

However, he came back at 7:21, the fourth remaining, and scored enough to exceed 50.

Celtics coach Ime Udoka said Celtics coach Ime Udoka wasn’t a factor in getting him in.

“There was a bit of equal weight and stagnation,” Udoka said. “Obviously we’ve solved the problem, so try putting him back and quitting the game.”

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Jayson Tatum scores 51 points in Boston Celtics’ Washington Wizards explosion Jayson Tatum scores 51 points in Boston Celtics’ Washington Wizards explosion

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