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JB Hunt announces autonomous distribution partnership with Waymo

JB Hunt Transport Services Inc. recently announced a long-term and strategic partnership with Waymo. The company “goes forward with innovative efforts to integrate commercial autonomous driving technology into transportation and logistics, with plans to eventually complete fully automated driving in Texas for several years.”

Craig Harper, Chief Sustainability Officer and Executive Vice President of JB Hunt, said: “This strategic alliance continues its momentum and explores the complex details that make it a value-driven solution for our customers. Self-driving technology builds the most efficient transportation network in North America and with Waymo Via. We believe it will help us collaborate. It’s a crucial step in fulfilling that mission. “

Enhanced collaboration includes multiple pilots to further analyze the operational capabilities of Waymo Via, the company’s autonomous class 8 truck unit with Waymo Driver, to meet customer needs in realistic scenarios. It will be. Waymo and JB Hunt completed their first test run last year by moving cargo along I-45 in Texas for one of JB Hunt’s major customers. Future pilots will be in the same lane.

Beyond the highways, the two seek a solution that integrates the two so-called “the most innovative forces in the transportation industry, autonomous driving technology and the digital market.” JBHunt 360 °, JBHunt’s technology platform, was responsible for handling 1.2 million loads in 2020. Waymo has more than 10 years of experience building autonomous driving technology and has traveled more than 20 million miles on public roads in more than 13 states in the United States. 20 billion miles in simulation.

JB Hunt announces autonomous distribution partnership with Waymo JB Hunt announces autonomous distribution partnership with Waymo

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