Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Flashpoint Batman could have been cool, says Zack Snyder

flash The film will introduce the idea of ​​the DC Multiverse to viewers and introduce multiple versions. Batman Along the way, including Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton each performing iconic vigilantes.But it doesn’t look like, so it’s not all good news Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan is back in the fight as Thomas Wayne, his more violent alternative to The Dark Knight. Snyder cut Zack Snyder thinks it was great.

“I don’t think it was [the intention for Jeffrey Dean Morgan to become Flashpoint Batman], I say I love Jeffrey Dean. I cast him because I liked the idea that Thomas Wayne was more like a tough guy than a pushover. I also like the duality that he didn’t immediately hand over his wallet as the reason they were shot. He tried to fight back a bit, but I think it’s been annoying Bruce in a way.Jeffrey Dean made a fist-holding shot, but he seems to be trying to punch [the mugger], And it was right in front of the child, and I thought it was like a very important moment for the blues. How do you completely change your life and confront insensitive and relentless violence? I have to be a little like myself. “

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So Snyder didn’t cast Morgan Flash point Version of Batman With that in mind, he cast him for his greasy tough guy persona, which would allow the actor to easily slip into the role of Caped Crusader with a gun.

Zack Snyder He added that it seems easy to get Morgan to play the darker Batman. [decision].. Obviously he can do the job, that’s fine. I don’t think they’re doing it, but it could have been cool. “

flashIt is reportedly inspired by Comic Book Ark, which is scheduled to go into production early next year. Flash point paradox, See the fastest man alive to save his mother. However, his time interference finds a flash appearing in a darker universe involved in a full-scale war that left Amazon and Atlantis destroying the planet. In this alternative version of the DC Universe, Bruce Wayne is dead and killed by the same criminal who killed his parents in the original timeline. This leads Thomas Wayne to take up Batman’s cloak and apply his own much more aggressive tactics.

Fans are definitely disappointed that they never see Jeffrey Dean Morgan As a suit BatmanMorgan himself seemed to accept that his return was more and more unlikely, “Michael Keaton stormed and took my gig. Now, I think it’s very cool. Zack Snyder Since Snyder left, a little bit of my whole world has gone away with him, but there’s always chatting, so we’ll see! “

Still, the actor has not completely abandoned his desire to return to the DC Cinematic Universe as much as possible. “Hey, I don’t know. If I had a chance to ask, I think so,” Morgan said earlier this year. flash.. “I think the Flashpoint story is my favorite story. I want to do it. But DC is DC and it’s constant … it always seems a little bit. Who does it and what “Switch between doing and doing,” Morgan said. “So what I want to see is a bit of continuity with DC and getting them on track, and I’m honored and above all want to do it.”

Works by Andrés Muschietti flash It will be released on November 4, 2022. Snyder cut It is scheduled to hit HBO Max in March 2021.this is Movie junkie..

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Flashpoint Batman could have been cool, says Zack Snyder

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