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Jenkins, who joined the IMS radio network in 1979, became a live announcer for the Indianapolis 500 at ABC and then diverged to include other NBC IndyCar races before becoming a Speedway PA announcer in 2011. Did.

However, IMS Behind the brick broadcast Together with Truck President Doug Balls, Jenkins revealed that he was fighting a brain tumor – an illness that struck his wife eight years ago.

Jenkins, who participated in the first Indianapolis 500 in 1960 and has missed only twice since then, told the Balls: I woke up with a terrible headache. I went to one hospital and told me they needed to go to another place for MRI after doing a CAT scan …

“The first diagnosis was a stroke, and the second diagnosis was” two malignancies found in the right temple and a brain tumor. “

“But I suffered from colon cancer in 1983, and I survived it, and with God’s help and my beloved race fan, I’m going to make it.”

The apparently emotional Jenkins continued. “I don’t have a big family. Doug-niece and nephew-but the first person to say is my family, my family are my race fans and people like you. Indianapolis Every year we contribute to the Motor Speedway and the 500, creating what it is and what it has been since 1911.

“I’m not going to retire altogether. I’m going to say I’m cautiously optimistic about working with some public addresses this year, but I haven’t seen or heard of me as much as in the last few years.

“I’m receiving radiation and chemotherapy to knock this cancer out of my brain, so I’ll do everything I can.

“I do what I can’t do every night, but I can’t hope that every race fan there can do it. I truly believe that it contributes significantly to how this is going. So it turns out. So thank you to the race fans and everyone here at Speedway for your concerns and prayers. I want all of them. How much it helps, I never You won’t be able to overcome it. “

Bores commented: “Nothing makes the race fans feel like they’re in the right place when they arrive here in May than the voice of Bob Jenkins.”

IMS tweeted support for Jenkins.

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Jenkins Relieves Indy 500 Obligations When Addressing Brain Tumors Jenkins Relieves Indy 500 Obligations When Addressing Brain Tumors

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