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Mariners Top Prospect Jarred Kelenic He made his triple A debut last night and did little to calm the growing fan cry for his promotion. 2018 6th place comprehensive pick and centerpiece Edwin Diaz/Robinson Cano The blockbuster was his first minor league game since September 2, 2019, tearing a pair of home runs into the right fielder. (You can see both explosions in these twitter LinkThanks to the MLB pipeline and the MiLB Mariners. )

The multi-homer show took place just hours after John Moroji on Tweet Kelenic was “likely” to debut this month — the most anticipated timeline — Seattle general manager Jerry Dipoto urged comment on 710 ESPN’s radio appearance (710 Links via Branding Gustafsson).

Dipoto admitted that Kelenic was “getting closer” to the big league and that promotion would come “sooner or later”. He revealed that the organization wants to see him do some work for triple A pitching. There are certainly some truths to it. Because if service time is the only issue, Kelenic may have been called more than two weeks ago.But when the Mariners are slumping as a team, even before the Orioles left-handed no-hitter no-run John MeansGM also said that Kelenic “may spark our crimes if we give him that opportunity.”

Dipoto talked in the past about the importance of taking 30-40 games to rate the clubs they beat the camp, and we are now in that area with generally boring results from attacks. It is in.Outlook for fellow top outfielders Taylor trammel The strikeout rate is 43.8%, reaching just .156 / .261 / .338.Neither Jose Marmolejos Or Sam Hagarty It was a particularly good hit during their time with the left fielder. The Mariners left fielder hits only .204 / .316 / .357 overall.

The Mariners are getting great bounce efforts from Mitch Haniger With a right fielder, he returned to the bat .254 / .300 / .534 from the injury in his first 130 at-bats. Kyle Lewis I missed the first few weeks of the year on the injured list and struggled with the .181 / .231 / .388 slash. It’s not a pretty result, but it’s the emergence of only 52 plates, and as a rookie of the year, he has a longer chain than others.

However, it cannot be denied that the left fielder was already a substandard attack club black hole. And with Haniger, Ty France And Kyle Seager After the hot start of the season, everything has slowed to varying degrees, and the Mariners’ attacks appear to be increasingly dull. As a team, the Mariners only hit .201 / .280 / .359. On average, they are the last majors to rank, 29th in OBP and 26th in slugging percentage.

Despite the corrupt and aggressive show, the pitching and good timing of some of the hits the Mariners put together helped them to record 17-15. Their current second place only creates an additional temptation to see Kelenic, who is currently ranked fourth overall in the game on Baseball America, FanGraphs, and Connecting Kelenic to a daily turn at bat with a left fielder doesn’t make the team a panacea of ​​comprehensive offensive futileness, even if he quickly meets expectations, but it’s a step in the right direction. Will be.

Regardless of when Kelenic debuts this year, the Mariners will be in control of him throughout the 2027 season. With his promotion in May, he is on track to earn Super 2 status and is subject to four arbitrations instead of the standard three, but his path to becoming a free agent is already behind.

Of course, his timeline for arbitration and free agencies may ultimately be controversial if both parties finally reach an agreement on a long-term contract.Former Mariners president now spotlights Kelenic Revealed earlier this year He declined the contract extension and said he would open the year as a minor.The comment prompted Kelenic and agent Brody Skovfield to say. USA Today’s Bob Nightengale The club revealed to him that Kelenic would have been in the majors last year if he had received an extension offer before the 2020 season. Many thought it might have led to some burnt bridges and harsh emotions, but Scoffield Told MLBTR Following the interview, Kelenic remained open to future proposals.

For now, the focus is on Kelenic’s major debut.But if he meets or exceeds expectations at the big league level, the team did not do it Do it again when you put together the offer.

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Jerry Dipoto on Jarred Kelenic’s timeline Jerry Dipoto on Jarred Kelenic’s timeline

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