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Is Jessica McCaskill Real? Or will Cecilia Brækhs fix the missteps?

These are related questions about entering an interesting rematch with the Juan Manuel Estrada-Roman Gonzalez Card on Saturday night at the American Airlines Center (DAZN) in Dallas.

And both women are confident that the answer will be “yes” because that is the case for them.

McCaskill surprised the boxing world when she defeated Breakhus by her 11 majority voteth Last August, she fought on the streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma, winning the perfect record for “First Lady” and her four welterweight titles.

Blakehus, 39, mentioned the possibility of retiring before exercising the rematch clause in the contract. McCaskill is boldly planning to take its rivals to the next stage of life.

“This is the biggest retirement party DAZN has ever hosted,” she said. “Then you’ll get cake and juice. This will be it. She’s the one who hinted at it after losing in Tulsa. She seems very relieved to lose and I give her what she wants. I’m just giving.

“When someone shows their weaknesses, shows that they aren’t at that weakness, and talks about retirement, it shows that they are mentally out of the game.”

McCaskill (9-2, 3 KO) was a skilled fighter before meeting Brækhus – she participated in the fight as a unified £ 140 champion – but that victory spotlighted her. I guessed it.

If she loses on Saturday, people will say in so many words that she caught Blakehus on a bad night in August. If she wins, or if she defeats the future Hall of Fame twice, no one can doubt her qualifications.

She knows that fact very well.

“Yes, I want to sign a deal in August, consolidate the victory and let everyone know that it wasn’t an accident. It’s definitely me, a unified, undisputed world champion. “She said at the final press conference on Thursday.

Jessica McCaskill will showcase the fruits of her work after astonishing Cecilia Brækhus in August.Ed Malholland / Matchroom

Breakhus (36-1, 9 KO) does not descend quietly both before and during combat.

A typically polite Norwegian responded in kind to McCaskill’s provocative remarks. And she seems to be cultivating the words of her rivals as if she needed motivation for a fight that could end her career.

“”[She] He kept me motivated throughout the camp … the story of all the trash, “Breakhus said. “The last time she was lucky. I think that’s where the trash story comes from …. Last time I had a rough camp. I was stuck in Big Bear (California) for 6 months now. , I had a regular training camp.

“I have to do what I always do. I have to put it in a box, I do anything. I think I can stop her too. I’m definitely better than her A big, strong and much better boxer … I am very confident in participating in this fight. “

Brækhus claimed that he was still worthy of a decision in the first fight, where she rebounded in later rounds, but lost 97-94, 97-93 and 95-95. She suggested on Thursday that Chicago’s McCaskill benefited from her country’s score and a £ 145 catchweight.

The former champion also admitted that she wasn’t in the best of the night.

“What should I say? I didn’t play at my top that night,” she said. “I’ll do my best on Saturday. She’s far from my level …. I’ll win. Yes. [retirement] I don’t even have a choice. “

McCaskill was given the opportunity to make a final comment and said from the bottom of his heart: “I’m ready to hit Cecilia in the face.”

Both seem to feel that way.

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Jessica McCaskill and Cecilia Brækhs solve problems all at once Jessica McCaskill and Cecilia Brækhs solve problems all at once

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