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Kim Hassel has to stop to hold back her tears. The memory of my son’s words that day is an unforgettable word when my mother stabs me 20 years later.

The boy was in kindergarten and hit him badly and hard. There was no other left hand like him. Little hands deformed at birth and looked like pinkies and thumbs. The size, the middle of the hand was bent. And he turned to his mother in Titusville, Florida that day and asked.

“Why didn’t God make me like a friend? Why didn’t God make me like the other children in the class? If I die, I could be born again You can, and maybe I can be like everyone else. “

The boy remembers. Of course he does.

“I couldn’t understand why I was different because I was around the other kids and I was always happy and I could do things with both hands every day,” JT Hassel posted after Jets practice. Told to. on Wednesday. “In a way I started to hate myself and the way I was born.”

On this Christmas day, Hassel can somehow look back on the amazing journey that took him to Jets.They somehow became a 1-13 jet on the day he made his team debut and blocked the punt who set the field goal. Rams Upset 23-20 Except for miracles, I’ll send Trevor Lawrence to Jaguar.

Hassel now looks in the mirror, not only his mother, but everyone with a disability, everyone who has been forced to endure the cruel slings and arrows from a narrow-minded bully, everything who has lost his best friend. Can see inspiration for people in gun violence, everyone who grew up struggling in a single mother’s house, everyone looking for a father, refused to refuse an answer, human Anyone who can write a story about the victory of the spirit of.

He can smile through the ups and downs of life and the unstable NFL career he dreamed of as a boy who now believes that God never hated him but always loved him.

“It’s all God that I’m in this situation on the phone with you right now,” Hassel said. “Sometimes I don’t even know how to do it. I’m the type of person who has to find a way. Sometimes I have no way or I don’t have the opportunity for a particular reason There may be things like that, but I just have to go and make a way. “

Jets Safety Justin (JT) Hassel is a young man.
Jets Safety Justin (JT) Hassel is a young man.
Hassel’s family photo, Titusville YMCA

How to make a tackle with gloves sewn by his mother. How to lift weights on his pro day. How to get from South Dakota to Florida Institute of Technology, an undrafted free agent, play four games in a safe place, a special team with the 2019 Browns, a Patriots practice team, and Jets.

“I am grateful for everything I experience because I can help others,” Hassel said. “Many people come to me for help and motivation and I just want to tell me about myself because I know I’ve experienced everything. They don’t care what I do. I just see a smile on my face every day. No matter what I do, it’s the person you want to be around to let them see the power, courage and passion I have every day. A person who motivates you to lead a happy life. “

They say it sometimes takes a village.

“The teachers didn’t allow people to make fun of him,” Kim Hassel said. “They didn’t allow him to be treated differently.”

She has done three jobs to achieve her goals and has been driving the Brevard County Board of Education school bus for 19 years. She never missed a JT high school match, first at Titusville HS and then at Astronaut HS. Due to the imminent hurricane, I missed only one match at the Florida Institute of Technology, an hour’s drive from home.

JT Hassel with Jets last weekend.
JT Hassel with Jets last weekend.

“I’m the mom who’s always there,” Kim said. “I was able to go donate plasma, save money on my plasma card during the off-season, and travel to go to his college games.”

She offered to make a prosthesis for him when he was 10 years old, but JT declined.

“I want to be the way God created me,” he said.

She is one of the greatest motives in his life, alongside his son Cameron, who turns seven in February. A small group of her and her family erupted when he blocked the punt against Rams.

“We’re out of the chair and everyone is standing and screaming!” Kim said.

She knew exactly what it meant to him to live this NFL dream.

“It’s very heartwarming to me to see him achieve his lifelong goals,” Kim said. “He will be the first person to be there in practice and the last person to leave in practice. On weekends, children, not sons, are sleeping. At 6 am,” he won’t drive me to the gym. Is it? “”

“Before that play happened, I was literally talking to a bystander teammate. I said,” I can’t believe it’s the bystander who’s playing this game right now. ” I was literally at my mom’s house.

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“Then I went and blocked the punt, which gave me and my teammates a great deal of joy.”

He wishes Gentil Gordy could share it with him.

“My best friend was shot in the head when I was young. He was like a close brother to me. We grew up playing football together. I still think about it every day. “JT said.

He is proud of himself today and deserves it, and has finished writing a book about his 25-year-old life.

“I’ve experienced a lot in my life, even outside of my hands,” Hassel said. “No matter what I experience, I just keep going …. I’m more proud than anyone. I’m my biggest fan. Everyone has what I’ve experienced and my life. I don’t know how difficult it is to reach this point. “

Contrary to all possibilities, he got there. “I’m here now,” said JT Hassel. “It really is a dream come true.”

Dream Christmas.

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Jets’ JT Hassel realizes his dream of confronting all difficulties Jets’ JT Hassel realizes his dream of confronting all difficulties

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