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Florham Park, NJ-See what’s happening around New York Jets:

1. (Search) One party: Jets’ worst season, almost a quarter of a century, ends around 4 pm on Sunday, after which actual work begins. In his last major move as Jets’ deputy owner, CEO Christopher Johnson is expected to dismiss Adam Gace. At that point, Johnson needs to take one for the team and announce that he will hand over to general manager Joe Douglas as a leader looking for a replacement for Gase.

There is no search company. There is no consultant. There is no effort from the tag team. Douglas is the top footballer in the organization and he must be the one who decides who works on his side. Matchmaking marriage is enough. Let the GM choose a coach. There is no guarantee that Douglas will do it right-he has never done this-but no better track record than bad track record.

The Johnson family has failed this kind of thing for some time. In 2013, owner Woody Johnson seemed unsure of his abilities and hired a search company to find a GM to replace Mike Tannenbaum. The result was John Izic, who ran out of town two years later.

In 2015, Johnson hired former GM Charlie Catherie and Ron Wolf as search consultants for Jets’ GM and head coach. It turned into Cassary’s production as Jets hired Cassary’s disciple Mike McCagnan, who wasn’t found anywhere on the NFL’s GM radar. They paired him with coach Todd Bowles. He first met McCannyn when he picked him up at Newark Airport for an interview.

When Bowles was fired at the end of the 2018 season, Christopher Johnson announced in his first big decision that McCannyn would hire a replacement “in close cooperation” with him. Proving that two heads aren’t always better than one, they decided on a Gase with a record of 9-22.

Woody Johnson was expected to return from his UK diplomatic position, which could cloud the water from a franchise leadership perspective. Who is responsible? -But Jets can make it really easy when it comes to coaching searches. Entrust ownership of a man who appears to deserve a six-year contract in 2019.

Let’s be clear. Douglas was not immediately the Savior. Roster- his Roster-I’m not feeling well.Other than drafting an aggressive tackle Meky BectonPlease tell me the name of the movement he got out of the park.

Douglas needs to get better, but it’s unfair to conclude about GM after one offseason. He deserves time, and he should be able to get that time with a coach who shares his vision-the coach he wants and does not inherit.

In other words, it’s time for the owner to leave.

2. May’s day is coming: Jets has 19 players ready to become unlimited free agents and only one A lister-safety Marcus May..

If you lose any of the others, no one will flash. Mei is a productive starter and locker room leader. He should be part of the solution, but see if Douglas does a pony to keep him. That number can be around $ 10 million a year, which should be manageable.Mei can benefit Lobby Anderson effect. Douglas lost Anderson last year and was burned. He certainly doesn’t want to lose the top free agent for the second year in a row.

After Mei, the top free agent based on playtime is wide receiver Breshad Perryman, Inside the linebacker Neville Hewitt And external linebackers Turrell Basham..

Perryman was disappointed. He is vulnerable and one-dimensional. Perryman looks like a one-off because Jets makes a large investment in wide receivers, free agents, or high draft topics.Hewitt will be a cost-effective companion CJ Mosley, Returned with a huge deal from the year of opt-out. After the best match, Basham is a low-cost keeper.

Another name is linebacker Jordan Jenkins, The longest-lived player on the team, and the cornerback Brian pool.. Both have stopped shoulder surgery and are not of much interest in the open market.

One important thing to keep in mind is that it is difficult to make free agent predictions without knowing the coach and scheme. They are very important.

3. Darnold on the move? As far as trade speculation is concerned, the big names to watch are Sam darnold, Will be linked to all quarterback needy teams so far 2021 NFL draft to start. Douglas can trade with him when the new league year begins in March, but if he deals with the start quarterback soon, he tilts the draft hand. If he wants to trade out from second place, it will hurt his leverage.

My prediction for Darnold is that he is probably Gorner. Two realities are against him: he has a year left on his contract, and a new coach will probably want to start anew with his own quarterback.

The only other tradable player in Jets is Defensive Harness Quinn Williams (I don’t go anywhere) and wide receiver Jamison Clouder, The contract period is one year left. This means the team won’t rush to pay the slot receiver $ 10 million (2021 salary).

4. Look, there is no sales! Darnold played three games in a row with no sales, the longest in a row in his three-year professional career. According to aggressive coordinator Dowell Loggains, he manages the game well, but he’s not a game manager.

Why do coaches consider “game managers” to be derogatory? If the team is winning, what’s the difference? In fact, Darnold is conducting a conservative passage attack. According to a survey by ESPN Stats & Information, he completed one pass on more than 20 airyards in a three-game span.

5. Do you know? If Jets loses New England Patriots (1 pm Eastern Standard Time, CBS), the first franchise to finish at 2-14. It will be a captain to a truly unprecedented season.

6. Worst: The Jets point difference is minus 200, the worst franchise ever in 16 game seasons. You need a 26-point victory to move from that location. The 1996 jet plane ended at minus 175.

7. Post-trever fallout: Enjoy your support without feeling guilty, everyone. Improving the draft position may not be a priority since September.The· The jet is locked in the second spot..

8. Losing Victims: Gase sheds some light on Alex Lewis The situation suggests that constant defeat led to his private out-of-field problems and urged guards to seek help. Gace said last season that Lewis was a positive force, “I thought things were going in the right direction. This is not easy. He is very competitive and wants to win, as much as he can. I want to do that, “he added. To help his team win, “Lewis also has problems coaching Gace, sources said.

After four weeks away from the team, Lewis is back on the active roster, but isn’t expected to play in the finale.

9. Gase to New England? Bill Belichick’s exaggerated praise for Gase earlier in the week raised speculation that Gase could end up on the Patriots staff, perhaps in place of a quarterback coach. Jed Fish at the University of Arizona Work.. Gase came under Nick Savan, a close Alabama coach with Belichick who has Josh McDaniels who worked with Gase under Savan, Michigan. So, yeah, I was able to see Gase emerging in Foxborough, Massachusetts for some career rehab.

10. I can’t wait! Exit the last notebook of 2020 NFL season For bright notes. The 10th anniversary of Bad Scott’s famous “I can’t wait!” Is approaching. After Jets confused the Patriots in the 2010 Playoffs, he rants. This is the team’s latest truly magical moment. ESPN’s Salpa Orantnio, who interviewed, said it was the most watched ESPN post-match interview on YouTube. It has been translated into multiple languages ​​and is used in hip-hop mashups.

“It’s still resonating,” Paolantnio said. “The Flight Deck” podcast. “People use it as a meme. Wherever I go, Jets fans still approach me and say,’I can’t wait.’ After that match, I returned to Florham Park and the woman who answered the phone at the front desk said, “New York Jets … I can’t wait!” When she answers the phone “

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Jets ownership must be delegated to GM Jor Douglas to hire a coach-NFL Nation Jets ownership must be delegated to GM Jor Douglas to hire a coach-NFL Nation

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