Jewelery purchases funded by Tom Girardi’s company revealed

It was revealed that the jewelery purchase was funded by Tom Girardi’s company. Girardi Keith’s Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Investigation is ongoing.

Erika Jayne Beverly Hills real housewife We are facing a more complex issue as it becomes clear that we are buying jewelery from Tom Girardi’s company. Early on, Erica refused to give the bank records to the trustee in connection with the bankruptcy of her divorced husband. The trustee speculated that the reality star may have hidden assets for Tom. Erica claimed to be innocent in Girardi Keith’s involuntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. A new report reveals that the jewelery purchase was funded by Girardi Keith.

With a singer Beverly Hills real housewife The star maintained her innocence when news about Tom’s bankruptcy was reported. The drama that unfolds on the screen did not help Erica’s image. Another housewife defended Erica after the release of Hulu’s documentary, while fans questioned the innocence of the former singer.Candice Dillard Bassett I called a fan on Twitter To protect Erica. NS Potomac’s real housewife Stars tell fans they have no loyalty, “Judge so that you will not be judgedBecause the documentary intended to abuse Erica.

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We weekly I shared that the jewelry I bought from Girardi Keith was revealed. Lawyer Ronald Richards told the magazine that Erica had submitted some records, but there was still something missing. Richards said.She flips it over, but there are some discovery disputes regarding edited and such things... I found a lot of questionable jewelry purchases.Erica and Tom accused of embezzlement Money after their divorce.. The funding came from a family of victims involved in the crash of Lion Air Flight 610. Currently, jewelry purchases are not directly linked to Erica. Richards added:I saw a payment for a jewelry that the company bought from a jeweler.. ”

Richards said:… as you know, jewelry doesn’t come with a certificate of ownership, so you need to investigate it.This may cause problems with Erica’s innocent image.Erica hinted at her Beverly Hills real housewife Co-starring that another woman was involved in her decision on divorce. Richards also said, “I don’t know who else Girardi will buy jewelry for.. If Erica’s claim is true, then in the end, the gem may not be linked to the previous singer. Evan C. Borges, Erica’s lawyer certainly seems to think so.. Borges said.Everything Erica did is legal. There are no hidden assets. Erica is allowed to continue her life.

NS Beverly Hills real housewife The star keeps her pretty image on the screen. Her co-star expressed many concerns and questions, leaving the division in the middle when it came to believing in Erica’s innocence.housewife Supported the claim She didn’t know about her ex-husband’s finances. Erica once said, “Some call me cold, but it’s the diamond, not the ice.“What do you think about it?

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Jewelery purchases funded by Tom Girardi’s company revealed

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