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Urban Meyer’s first mission as an NFL coach is barely underway, but he already seems to be under pressure to make adjustments.

Jimmie Johnson, an NFL analyst at FOX Sports, knows one or two things about coaching at both college and professional levels, but mentioned the changes Meyer is working on.

“There is no world of difference, there are galaxies of difference,” Johnson said Wednesday via Zoom. USA Today..

Johnson made the leap from college football coach to professional when he left the University of Miami for the Dallas Cowboys in 1989. The Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl in a row just a few years later.

Despite his past success, Johnson admitted that there is still a learning curve when jumping, especially when it comes to the dynamics of the new player-coach.

“As a college coach, I was a mentor. I was a kind of father. I had a tremendous amount of counseling with the players,” Johnson elaborated. “That is, my relationship with the players was very different from the professional players. They are totally different because they are determined by financial reasons, they are business and the agents influence them. It’s a relationship. “

Johnson spending time with Meyer Out of fieldThe new Jugs coach said he was “dissatisfied” with not being able to spend any more time with the players due to the League’s COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocol. (Jaguar 3 teams were fined Earlier this month, he violated the league’s contract ban rules during OTA. Jacksonville received the highest fine of the three, with the team docked for $ 200,000 and Meyer docked for $ 100,000. )

Given that his 85.4 win rate is the third best in NCAA Division I history, expectations for Meyer to turn the jug around are also very high. Throughout the 17 seasons, Meyer registered 187-32 college coaching records and never lost the season. He advanced to 12-3 in a bowl game and won three national championships. One won the Florida Gators and two won the Ohio State Backeyes.

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Jimmie Johnson Considers Urban Meyer’s Transition to NFL Jimmie Johnson Considers Urban Meyer’s Transition to NFL

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