JJ Abrams admits that the Star Wars sequel trilogy probably had plans

Director JJ Abrams talks about the story plan or its lack Star Wars Sequel trilogy.Director Abrams Force Awakening In 2015, we reintroduced the franchise to the masses quite successfully. But, for better or for worse, there was no complete story outlining all three films in the trilogy. Now, Abrams has been working, somewhat indirectly, on whether it would be better to plan the entire story of the trilogy from scratch.

JJ Abrams Good luck Force AwakeningIt earned over $ 2 billion worldwide and was generally well received. He set up a lot of threads that can be picked up in the sequel. But he set out and gave way to Rian Johnson to oversee Episode VIII. Last JediAfter Colin Trevorrow left the project over creative differences, Abrams returned to the franchise to oversee Episode IX. The rise of SkywalkerIn a recent interview, Abrams celebrated the 10th anniversary of Super 8. Star Wars The sequel trilogy would have benefited from planning from the beginning. This is what he had to say.

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“I’ve been involved in many projects that are often series and have ideas that start with the feeling of knowing where it’s going. It’s a relationship that doesn’t work as written. , What you think will just be very popular Crash and burn And the other thing you think, “Oh, that’s a little moment” or “It’s the character of one episode,” suddenly becomes a very important part of the story. “

“I now feel like I’ve learned a few lessons, and that’s especially about working with writers this year in a pandemic. [has become clear]The lesson is that you need to plan things as much as you can and always be able to deal with unexpected things. And unexpected things can happen in many ways, and I don’t think it’s more important than knowing where you’re heading. “

Filmmakers are careful not to mention it Star WarsBut in a broader sense, you can see where his head is. Furthermore, Abrams said that the plans you made may not always work.

“Some of the projects I’ve been working on have some ideas that I haven’t worked on enough. Sometimes I have some ideas but I can’t do what I want. Sometimes when I plan things in a certain way and suddenly realize that I’m doing something 180 degrees different, it really works and sometimes I feel like I’m really together. There is also. “Oh, I can’t believe this is our whereabouts” and when it doesn’t work, it’s because it’s what you planned, and when it doesn’t work, it’s because you didn’t. [have a plan].. “

Again, there is nothing special to specify Star Wars There. But JJ Abrams concludes in a way that reveals his ideas. In the end, Abrams said he learned that it was important to plan for the project.

“”You really don’t knowHowever, it is of utmost importance that making the plans I have learned is a difficult method in some cases. Otherwise, you won’t know what you’re setting. I don’t know what to emphasize. If you don’t understand the inevitability of a story, it’s as good as the last sequence, effects, jokes, etc., but you want to lead to something inevitable. “

Both Last Jedi And The rise of Skywalker, Was very disruptive for a variety of radically different reasons. If Rian Johnson participated in Episode VIII from the story overview, could that split be avoided? What if Colin Trevorrow did the same in Episode IX? We never know, but Abrams might have taken a slightly different approach to this, as he knows what he knows now, if he has the chance.This news is Collider..


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JJ Abrams admits that the Star Wars sequel trilogy probably had plans

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