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Joanna Jedrzejczyk He just left the UFC cage in March, with a bloody, swollen face and just finished the classic war with female strawweight champion Chang Wei Lee.

Since then, Jedrzejczyk (16-4 MMA, 10-4 UFC) hasn’t fought and has barely been in the limelight, but she hasn’t retired. Jedrzejczyk recently announced that he will be in talks with the UFC later this month to discuss what’s next.

First and foremost, the ideal timeline for Jedrzejczyk’s return is when fans will be able to rejoin the event. This wasn’t the case right after UFC 248 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Without fans, there is no sport,” Jedrzejczyk said in a recent interview. SCMP MMA.. “You know how I interact with people and fans. I always need additional motivation – (an) additional battery packs, energy packs. Maybe I (fight without fans) I don’t want to. I want to put it on hold (and) just wait. I really really believe that everything will be delayed soon. “

When it comes to the negotiation itself, Jedrzejczyk thinks of her “Fight of the Year” Performance against Wayley (21-1 MMA, 5-0 UFC) was enough to bring a higher wage to himself. Former Polish UFC champion is pleased to be a member of the roster, but she deserves a larger part of the pie. If the UFC wants a rematch, they have to pay.

“I don’t want to hear me like a crazy person, but it’s a business,” Jedrzejczyk said. “There must be money behind it. Last time we had a hell fight. I was a joint main event, but I and Weili were a (real) deal on the show and in a deal with the main event. I felt like there … we had a hell show, and I deserve more money. I deserve a bigger cake. I want to complain like any other fighter No. There are more than 500 fighters, but I make up the majority of this company.

“… I speak at the table. I always do. I’m not complaining. As always I’m very happy with the UFC, but like people love me I feel. They love me with or without a belt. I want to keep doing this for them. I keep listening to this,’She retired. She’s retired-this, that. “I’m not retired, I’m just taking my time. I fought a couple of times a year. enough. I want to take care of myself, my body, my mind. “

Jedrzejczyk, 33, predicts that Weili will have to fight Rose Namajunas next. This is a close match in her eyes. Then when she comes back, Jedrzejczyk is hoping for a UFC title shot, but not in a hurry. Waiting for the right opportunity is fine for her.

“(Yes) very (likely to fight in 2021), but if not, just sit and wait,” said Jedjezik. “I don’t know. I want to do it, but everything needs to be in the right place. There are so many things.”

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Joanna Jedrzejczyk wants to return “more money” Joanna Jedrzejczyk wants to return “more money”

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