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In the perfect world Joanne Calderwood You would have already fought for the UFC flyweight title in 2020, but the decision to fight late Jennifer Maia Backfired in the worst possible way.

former Ultimate Fighter The candidate suffered a loss of submission of the first round to Maia, who then moved to the title shot against the domination of the flyweight champion. Valentina Shevchenko November of this year. Myr wasn’t enough to be the champion, but after fighting and rolling the dice before the title shot was given, Calderwood’s puncture wounds didn’t go away when he saw the gambling unrewarded. ..

“It wasn’t intended,” Calderwood said while talking to MMA Fighting. “For me, I and my team made that choice. Let’s fight this fight. It was a sudden announcement. In this sport, you have to take risks and sometimes it doesn’t go as you want. Sometimes, for us, it wasn’t intended, so we just see it, and now we have to work harder to get back to where we were. “

With no regrets, Calderwood knew that fighting Maia was a computational risk after the next shot at Shebchenko had already been promised. The problem was that Shevchenko had already postponed the scheduled meeting after having had knee surgery.

“I have a lot of stress and pressure, like when the world went into a pandemic,” Calderwood explained. “I’m fighting one of the best girls in my department, but I’m training at home. I don’t think this is correct. And the other side, when is it happening? It’s happening But we don’t have anything like a date. Lots of different things that happened.

“I had in mind where I had to go out and fight. I hate being inactive. I also don’t like not getting paid. OK, you’re a dice It’s like waving, but I’m grateful that the UFC was fighting, especially at this time of the year when the pandemic was happening. “

The fight didn’t go well, but Calderwood didn’t have to wait long for the UFC to ask for an offer to face a one-time title challenger. Jessica eye, It seemed like a great opportunity to get out of the loss.

The fight not only gives Calderwood the opportunity to return to the flyweight ladder immediately, but also the opportunity to resolve the resentment that began last year on social media.

In June of this year, Ai was unable to gain weight in two consecutive battles, but slightly exceeded the £ 126 limit in untitled matches. Cynthia Calviro.. Calderwood uses social media to cheat on Ai’s side during weighing allegedly grasping a curtain hung on his body after being forced to undress to step on a scale. I pointed out that I believe.

That led to a fierce exchange between fighters on Twitter, which probably resulted in the battle coming together.

“I was celebrating that she was only 0.2 years old, so I posted something on Twitter. [pounds] You’ve exceeded your weight limit, “Calderwood said. “I heard she was over £ 4 about an hour before that. I feel like I’m all playing sports. It’s amazing when I learned this, it’s real. I I just wanted to get it out there. I hate cheating and trying to cheat. I don’t think it’s fair. When do you ban curtain tricks?

“For me, if it was the eve or the day before the fight, I wasn’t on social media, or if I was posting, that’s it. But she saw it. No doubt, and she just started attacking me. She attacked my voice. It felt great. She said she would come to my gym. She said where my gym is. I know. I’m okay, but I want to get paid for fighting you. I’m excited about the match. I don’t know if that’s the cause. I used to fight most of the time, so I think he was destined to fight anyway. “

According to Calderwood, she has been flooded with messages from people who have expressed their enthusiasm for seeing Calderwood’s punch eyes repeatedly since the battle was announced.

Given her own feelings from Ohio, Calderwood added a bit of extra motivation to her pre-combat preparations.

“I’ve never fought anyone who really really wanted to hit my face,” Calderwood said. “I know a lot of people are sending me messages. I’m a lucky person who can do that. Unfortunately, I don’t think many people like her.

“I found myself lucky because many people want to do it themselves.”

On paper, Calderwood considers Eye a perfect enemy, especially if this battle remains standing for most of the time.

“I think I can pull her apart,” Calderwood said. “She sees my last fight and looks like’Sure, I’ll try to beat her.’It’s good to do my best to prevent it from happening and to keep it up. I think it will be a battle. “

If all goes well this weekend, Calderwood may put her name back in the hat for a title that could be filmed later next year, but she still decides to think about Shevchenko and the flyweight championship. I haven’t spent a lot of time.

Instead, Calderwood prefers the opportunity to stay active and book as many battles as possible in the next 12 months, rather than sitting and waiting.

“I want to stay active,” Calderwood said. “I’m nearing the end of my career and said I just want to fight, fight and fight throughout my career. For me, victory will bring me another fight, and that’s all I want. I want to continue my activities.

“It’s difficult because I feel like I’m the prime minister now. My lifestyle is very good. I’m very happy. Everything, I feel strong. I feel like everything is in place now. I wish I had all this junk together when I started. If I could find a way to not do it, I would definitely look back. But now I feel like I’m the prime minister, so I want to start a family in the sense that I’m nearing the end. But there’s nothing right away. I’ve been fighting for at least another year or two I think I can fight 10 more times there. “

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Joanne Calderwood felt “lucky” and hit Jessica Eye. “I don’t think she likes much.” Joanne Calderwood felt “lucky” and hit Jessica Eye. “I don’t think she likes much.”

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