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Position: Senior Analyst in Baseball Informatics

Report destination: Senior Director of Baseball Informatics

Pittsburgh Pirates promotes analysis facing players and coaches at all levels, plays a key role in the strategic direction of analysis facing players and coaches, guides analysts and support staff, and in this area. We are looking for an experienced individual to help identify the opportunity. The main responsibilities are:

  • Lead the process of creating data-driven targets to improve players and facilitate their use. This individual is expected to help players and coaches understand and apply insights using developmentally appropriate languages.
  • Work with analysts and developers to manage efforts to track and monitor the progress of your targets through deliverables for players and coaches. Deliverables include metric development, data visualization, integration into your own system, pre-reporting, and other research items.
  • Perform, publish, and communicate analysis of specific players throughout the year, provide insights from a data-driven perspective as needed, and lead other analysts in this process.
  • Work with staff and informatics to research and implement technology solutions in baseball operations.


  • Experience and expertise in quantitative evaluation of players at the professional level
  • Advanced baseball data manipulation experience such as pitch data, swing data, ball and player tracking.Utilizing biomechanical data is a plus
  • Advanced capabilities to use data to create insights using statistical models, techniques (ie, optimized modeling, nonparametric estimation), and data visualization.
  • Proven coding skills
  • Experience in managing projects, setting goals, and executing deliverables
  • Experience managing other people’s work, such as setting expectations, providing feedback, and modifying courses
  • Ability to work independently, think creatively, and evaluate players with a focus on improving them
  • Wide personality and wide range of data experience and ability to communicate clearly
  • Active collaborators and communicators with players, uniforms, staff, analysts

Minimum education and experience requirements

  • Degrees of quantitative or equivalent work experience in baseball analysis, statistics, computer science, machine learning, mathematics, or related disciplines
  • Willingness to move to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Allowed to work in the United States

If you are interested, please apply Use this link..

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Jobs: Pittsburgh Pirates Senior Analyst, Baseball Informatics Jobs: Pittsburgh Pirates Senior Analyst, Baseball Informatics

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