Joe Koff states that the return of ROH is a matter of “when” rather than “if”. – WWE Sports

In an interview with the ROH Strong Podcast (via Fightful), ROHCOO’s Joe Koff talked about the company’s return and said, “Some really great things are planned.” Here is the highlight:

About the future of ROH: “There are some really great things at the beginning of this year. In the first quarter, we will start to see not only the blueprint, but also the actual design of the next ring. It’s too early to elaborate, but we plan to deliver products that symbolize who we are. Not only do we offer products, but fans that don’t exist in the traditional landscape of professional wrestling today. We provide an experience for you, because we have always identified ourselves with our fans and have felt that they are our lifeline. It reminds us that we are also moving. Fan involvement. , Fan collaboration, fan interest. How do you use it to build promotions for and by fans? We are in the early stages, so that’s what I get. It’s as deep as it says. I’m not ready to elaborate. “

About the company situation: “Anytime (we’ll be back). I always say that.” If “and” when “… I think people are sometimes cynical about such decisions. It’s not uncommon for the story to permeate, and what’s wrong or problematic is that it shut down when it announced that it wasn’t having a live or live tour event in the first quarter. .. I’ve never used the word “shutdown”, but it’s been speculation to get people interested in the article. Instead of talking about good things, talking about “what if” is always much better and a juicer. We never talked about shutting down. I said I wouldn’t tour in the first quarter because I talked about how to rethink the product and how to get it back into the Super Card and how to get it back into the Super Card, but this may not be a finished product. I’m not going to be caught by it. Only I know the truth and my people know the truth. People trust the brand. It won’t be ridiculous. It will be well thought out and will enhance the (fan’s) feelings and experience they had before. Will everyone like it? I don’t know because it’s not over yet. I think there are many people who don’t, and they will ruin us. Then there will be people who respect our actions and admire us. We are in public opinion court, anyone who wants to believe what I’m saying now will believe me, and anyone who wants to be an “if” camp will be in an “if” camp. I can’t change that. “

– WWE Sports

Joe Koff states that the return of ROH is a matter of “when” rather than “if”. Joe Koff states that the return of ROH is a matter of “when” rather than “if”.

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