John Barrowman returns to Doctor Who’s Holiday Special

John Barrowman replays his role as Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who’s Holiday Specials. It will be aired during the holiday season under the title “Dalek Revolution”.Along with this news, official Doctor Who The Twitter account has released a short clip of 15 seconds to confirm his return.

Fans’ favorite captain, who was first introduced as a regular guest character in Season 1 of Doctor Who’s Revival and finally stood in front of the show’s spin-off series Torchwood, was the fifth episode of Season 12, “Escape.” In “The Judoon,” which previously made a brief cameo appearance in “Who,” he disappeared from the screen again after issuing a harsh warning about “Lonely Cyberman.”

In the Dalek Revolution, Captain Jack is at hand to help his “family” in discovering “a disturbing plan involving one of Dr.’s most feared and dangerous enemies, Dalek.” With the thirteenth doctor (Jodie Whittaker) trapped in a space prison, Captain Jack tries to save the planet with Yas (Mandip Gill), Ryan (Tosincol), and Graham (Bradley Walsh).

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“Wearing Jack’s coat, I set foot on Doctor Who’s set as if I were going home,” Barrowman said. “Playing Captain Jack is always thrilling. He’s a character very close to my heart that changed my life. Knowing that fans love him makes his return even sweeter. I hope everyone enjoys a heroic adventure with Jack’s 13. “”

Doctor Who’s executive producer Chris Chibnall also expressed excitement for Baroman’s return. “Doctor Who Festive Special means dealing with a lot of things. There’s nothing more fun than John Barrowman returning to Doctor Who for a spectacular and emotional feature-length episode.” He declared in a statement. “If anyone can blow away the pure trash of 2020, it’s Captain Jack. Watch out for Dalek!”

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