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Dr. Of Thuganomics is usually WWE I used to give more mature presentations.When John Cena Becoming a mainstream Hollywood star, people wonder if we’ve seen the last gimmick.

Nation leaders recently Please forgive my take.. He was there to promote his Peacemaker TV series. The wrestling star discussed a lot during his appearance.

When asked about the Thuganomics gimmick, Cena mentioned how it became a nostalgic act. John gave the natural answer to never say about the issue of return:

“Over the years, you’ve actually seen something better. [version of] “Doctor of Thuganomics” than in the last 10 years. Appearance at Firefly Fun House Match, Wrestlemania With Elias.

It’s as if the character feels nostalgic. John Cena said: So never say. “

The 16th World Champion finally brought back the Thuganomics gimmick during WrestleMania 36.He wrestled Bray Wyatt At the show’s Firefly Madhouse match.

John Cena’s Peacemaker TV series is streaming. The first three episodes are available on demand on HBO Max. The other five episodes will be released weekly until February 17th.

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John Cena, probably Revives Dr. Tuganomics John Cena, probably Revives Dr. Tuganomics

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