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Veteran MMA Official and Bellator Commentator John McCarthy On Wednesday, he responded to a video produced by the UFC, which counted him among the critics of industry leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

McCarthy accuses UFC president of a series of fierce loneliness Dana White Hypocrisy in the selective editing of comments made by him and other media members in the video. He also ridiculed the story of a video promoting White’s efforts to resume the fight promotion live event schedule in criticism.

“Here’s a guy who says,’I don’t say anything about the media,'” McCarthy told a former UFC fighter on co-host. Josh Thomson In the video podcast “Weighing In”. “First of all, I don’t see us as media, which is fine, but [he said], “I don’t say anything about the media,” but he always complains about Clickbait. [He says], “The bullish clickbait they do with these media people * t.” And that’s what you and your little team did, guy? You click bait b * tch a little.

“I’m just a cracked man. You’re so pathetic, you need to tap your back first-OK, let’s tap your back-you were a hero because you removed everything from the context. You’ve arrived at the place. Congratulations, Dana, the hero. Oh, let me bow. I can’t believe it. My god. “

In a UFC video, McCarthyism and Thomson said, “McCarthyism accuses White of” lining pockets with money is more important than the safety of production staff and those fighting for you. ” See in “Weighing”. This clip is one of many clips taken from the MMA video podcasts and reports that came out as the UFC tried to move forward. UFC 249 By hosting an event at the Tachi Palace Casino Resort on tribal land after the first location in Brooklyn was damaged by a coronavirus pandemic.

McCarthy didn’t explain the impact of a promotional attempt to move UFC 249 from jurisdiction to tribal lands, making UFC 249 a licensed and virtually unlicensed event, so UFC He pointed out that the video is misleading. The decision will affect the officials and fighters who carried it out, McCarthy said.

“I was 100% supportive [the UFC holding events]”He said,” When he went to Jacksonville, Florida, I was one of his biggest supporters, because he wasn’t doing what he was doing at Tachi Palace. .. It was an illegal fight. He was on the road to the California Athletic Commission refusing to regulate the show at Tachi Palace. They said, “We’re not going to do that, We don’t want you to have it there. ”

“And Dana is part of it. He did a lot to regulate the sport, and he took a big step trying to do a show at Tachi Palace. He sat there and said You can say anything you want – he intended to self-adjust the show. It was a big mistake and a mistake for all officials. He put a California official – he put Herb Dean I put it in a terrifying place. If it was Jason Herb Dean or Mike Bertrand, they couldn’t do the show because they weren’t licensed or suspended by CSAC … now they We are giving another athletic committee the opportunity to say, “We are not going to use you.” It put people in a really bad place. “

UFC 249 finally 2 as UFC broadcast partner ESPN requested fight promotion to postpone the event under pressure from California Governor Gavin Newsom and Senator Dianne Feinstein to shut down. It was the second delay. Despite the postponement, White then declared victory, stating that he was ready to host the event and postponed the event in honor of ESPN.

The UFC then resumed its live event schedule in May, using Jacksonville as the hub of the three shows. Prior to receiving the go-ahead, they submitted a detailed test protocol to state authorities to address fighter safety concerns in a pandemic. The protocol also helped convince Nevada state regulators to sanction events beginning in late May. Since then, UFC APEX has become a domestic hub for fight promotion, and Abu Dhabi’s Fight Island has served as an international destination.

Before the first Jacksonville event, a protocol gap was revealed. Dozens of fighters tested positive for COVID-19 and were forced to cancel their seizures and scramble at the last minute to retrieve their combat cards.

In the video, McCarthyism and other journalists say that White admitted that he had provided jobs to UFC fighters and employees and only tried to line up his pockets by advertising during the pandemic. Was rejected. McCarthy said the idea was also misleading.

“I love what the UFC puts out as a product, but let’s be honest about why Dana was so enthusiastic about putting out the show when he took a big step towards doing the show,” McCarthy said. “It wasn’t because he was so crazy.’Oh, I want to keep hiring my people.’ He had to meet to get $ 750 million 42 Having had a fighting contract with him, he had to do those shows so he could get ESPN’s money.

“Now by doing the show, I love the fat he was allowing all fighters to make a living. I love the fact that none of the staff was cut. They are all Beautiful things, important things. But he was able to do those shows, so it all happened from the first show in Jacksonville. That was all. That was what we were talking about. Thing.”

McCarthy spoke with several senior executives who agreed with his attention when the UFC advanced at the start of the pandemic, but opposed the UFC boss, saying, “Avoiding this, he understands. . “

The attention of veteran officials was partially driven by the personal experience of the virus, he said.After cancellation Bellator 241 When the pandemic exploded on March 13, McCarthy said he knew someone who had been infected with the virus and almost died when he returned from the event.

McCarthy praised the UFC’s efforts after the promotion solidified the test protocol, but the results were incomplete, freeing fighters and their families from the virus. But he said White shouldn’t take the winning lap.

“That’s the new norm,” McCarthy said. “You will lose the fight. It’s not the UFC’s fault. They can’t keep everyone healthy. They can’t prevent someone from getting the coronavirus, but what they can do is corona. It’s about protecting everyone who can’t safely get the coronavirus from anyone who could give it the virus. That’s what actually happened. They broke a lot of cards based on health problems. So did Bellator. All you can do is try to get over it.

“I just saw the overall complexity of what he was doing and you sat there and said,” I have a lot of money. ” you are correct. you do. Yes, it is. And you have to be comfortable enough for yourself so that you don’t have to try to put anything out there to stroke your back. They always need to be credible because you are following people who show that you like them. Real leaders, they don’t have to get credit. “

He made another fierce counter-argument for fans who suggested that McCarthy should thank White for the first thing he did to resume MMA sports.

“Let’s make this clear to you, motherf * ckers,” he said. “I’ve been tinkering with Dana White for a long time. When I first met him, do you want to see a picture of Dana White? Show him his little ass ..

“I wasn’t brought to Dana White. I had to work with Dana White, and Dana White is great at making the UFC what it is. Tell you that you did the job. He cleaned up his ass. He deserves a lot of credit for it. But don’t think I owe him anything. I give him I haven’t borrowed anything and he hasn’t borrowed anything from me. Boom. “

Check out the full video below.

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John McCarthy barbarizes Dana White’s MMA media hits: “Real leaders, they don’t have to trust” John McCarthy barbarizes Dana White’s MMA media hits: “Real leaders, they don’t have to trust”

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