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John Morrison, about eight years away from WWE Returned To promote the first episode of smack down 2020, a little over a year ago.Things started well for him and the tag team championship with The Miz passed them. Wrestlemania 36.. However, John Morrison has been a craftsman in nature since removing the titles of these tags in late April 2020. It’s a job bar that gets consistent TV time, but it’s still a job bar.

According to the data of CageMatchMorrison has been wrestling in 28 games since its inception in May 2020, and he (or his team) has won three of these games. These three victories are actually a bit more recent. The first victory was a 3 to 2 handicap match (with AJ style and The Miz) between Drew McIntyre and Sheamus on December 7. He and Mizu also won a handicap match with Keithley in the December 14th episode. Living, And they won another handicap match with Sheamus in the January 25th episode Living.. Other than that, it’s a post-defeat defeat for the Shaman of Sexy.

There are many talented wrestlers in WWE programming, and of course there is no space at the top of the card for everyone to join. But in the case of John Morrison, there seems to be little room for him to win any kind of victory unless he participates in a handicap match.

Morrison is still impressed with his work in the ring when he puts him in a singles match, like when WWE played against him. mat Riddle smack down Last July or last month’s match Living With Sheamus. He can obviously still play at a high level. Unfortunately for him, WWE doesn’t seem to be very interested in introducing his talents outside of the comedy buddy position next to The Miz.

What do you think of John Morrison’s first year back in WWE?

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John Morrison can’t take a break John Morrison can’t take a break

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