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About him Instagram account, John Morrison (John Morrison) made his first public comment on his release from WWE. Morrison was part of a group of names released on 11/19/21.

Morrison said:

“I want you to know how grateful I am for the support you have given me during this past run at WWE, and I’ve actually received a call from John Laurinaitis. I want you to know that, in the meantime, he said that my talented service is no longer needed for WWE. Your future efforts didn’t even give you the best of luck. So, if you’re going to let me go, at least get your catchphrase right?

I don’t know if it’s attracted to wrestling or if it happens if you’ve been in business for a long time, but even at your own expense, you’re always struggling with how to pop the crowd. .. The whole idea of ​​making oneself look bad and making others look good is strange. But for me, that’s a very important part of what I do. And it’s a foreign concept for so many people. That’s why I think this past practice at WWE made a lot of sense to me, you know, I saw and talked to people I hadn’t seen in 10 years. A chance to reunite with old friends and make new friends. Work with some of the best production people in your business, some of the best professional wrestlers in your business.
In other words, everything was nostalgic. It brought me back to the way I felt when I was brand new to the business. I was always very nervous. I wanted to do everything right, so I always wanted to do things like going to the arena very quickly. It actually gave me more time to get nervous. But especially at one point, I remember standing there in the ring time in front of the door, looking at all the vacant seats and thinking that it would be full in a few hours. And in all of those seats, there will be someone staring at me in the hope that I will do something.

I got better at things. And I think the most important thing I learned during the first run at WWE is that people don’t go to see wrestling. It’s a story. We are storytellers. Now I happen to be a storyteller who takes great pride in being able to do flips, tricks and hair whip kicks, but they’re just tools / movements, ropes, mic rings, to tell their story All the tools used by people who practice the art of professional wrestling. And the great thing about being a storyteller is when one chapter ends and another begins. “

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John Morrison Makes First Public Comments on His WWE Release and His Future John Morrison Makes First Public Comments on His WWE Release and His Future

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