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John Moxley I talked to recently Justin Barrasso of talked about the tragic death of Brodie Lee (Jon Huber, fka Luke Harper). Lee died on Saturday at the age of 41 due to a non-COVID-19 lung problem.

Moxley, who worked with Lee at WWE and AEW, said he had not yet accepted Lee’s death.

“It’s not real,” Moxley said on Sunday night. “I feel like I’m in a very vibrant dream and I’m waiting to get out of it. My brain hasn’t accepted it yet. Now I’m completely numb.”

Moxley talked about their history and his reaction when AEW President Tony Khan asked him about AEW Lee.

“The first night we wrestled with each other, we shared a hotel room together later that night,” Moxley recalled. “That was over a decade ago. He was a great guy. Many of us would be enthusiastic about wrestling angles, but he would find a way to turn negatives into positive or inside jokes. He Was exactly the person you wanted in the locker room. I was very happy to be around him again at AEW.

“And we wrestled many times, whether it’s indie, the Shield Wrestling War, or the six guys on a house show or a European tour, as we always are together. I felt. When Tony Khan asked me about AEW’s Brody, I said, “Yes, I want that match.” We were able to wrestle with each other during sleep. He was very f — good. “

Moxley also made his WrestleMania debut at WrestleMania 31 in the WWE Intercontinental Championship’s Multiman Ladder Match (winner Daniel Bryan) and when WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon wanted to make a big bump. A highlight reel that reminded me of how it reacted.

“I wanted to make a highlight reel,” Moxley said of the match. “I thought the only way we could do that was if I was about to commit suicide with a dying bump, so we thought he was from the ring through a steel ladder. I devised this place to power bomb me to the floor. It’s sketchy. It’s a very dangerous bump and moves backwards at a high angle.

“It was a terrible bump. Vince [McMahon] Bug out. He thought I was dead, which meant it was a good f-bump. And I made a highlight reel. I argue that to date, that bump wouldn’t have trusted anyone else on the planet. I put my life in his hands and I left. “

Moxley also talked about how Lee’s main focus was on his wife and children, as many others did this weekend. Moxley said Lee wasn’t interested in becoming famous because his most important role in life was a man in his family.

“He wasn’t interested in becoming famous,” Moxley said. “This is a man I can’t see at an afterparty. He returned to his family’s house as soon as he finished his work. He was very proud to be a father and husband. Loved wrestling and was good at it, but it was his job. He was fortunate enough to love his profession, but the most important roles in life were as father and husband. . “

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John Moxley commented on John Hoover’s death, their time collaboration, etc. John Moxley commented on John Hoover’s death, their time collaboration, etc.

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