John Wick Hex Review (Switch eShop)

John Wick Hex A fairly clever turn-based action / strategic effort to see Keanu Reeves step into the bloody boots of a stylish and unstoppable murder machine-always ready, willing, punching, kicking, He’s more than a man who can shoot, and fling. His guns are in the heads of the number of bad guys needed to bid on the Order of Assassins’ high table.

At the core of this is some really great ideas and some nifty time manipulation mechanisms that can do a great job of making you feel like you’re participating in a carefully choreographed combat sequence directly from the movie-but , It’s all somewhat suppressed a little Unreliable mechanics, jerky character animations, and a lack of versatility to run through seven slightly the same levels.

The story told here is well linked to the events in John Wick’s film series, with fans undoubtedly Ian McShane, Lance Reddick and others playing the roles of Karon and Winston, with Troy Baker in attendance. Will be pleased to see. An angry man who calms down with a bloody score as a hex of the name. It’s all conveyed through graphic novel-style cutscenes that bookend each level of action.It doesn’t go to particularly interesting places or cast real surprises, but it does, the movie lends their voice to the story – and Austin Wintry’s score Great Work to set the right mood.

Starting with a very simple tutorial, John Wick Hex gives you an overview of its tricky timeline mechanics, tactical options, movements, focus points, gunplay and more without wasting time throwing you into turn-based battles. To do.When you jump to the level you will find yourself very hotA world of style where time stops until it starts moving. You choose a path through the node across the area where the enemy is infested, slowly revealing the fog-of-war surroundings that hide the enemy beyond a certain distance. If you look at the bad guys, you can choose to eliminate them by shooting from range. This is an action that catches the attention of the listener. Or, more preferably, get closer to part of the wick and be personal. Signature CQC bad-assery.

Shooting enemies can be noisy, but it’s also quick and easy, and doesn’t cost your precious focus points-a short-range strike, takedown or that can pull you out quickly. An important resource for pulling off flashy stunt rolls A range of bullets, feet or fists. Focus points can be replenished by finding a quiet place and space to refocus on the wick. This gives Wick a bar of fresh points that anyone can beat, shaking his head like a very “wow” Keanu. It’s ridiculous enough to get too close.

All actions performed by John Wick Hex also take a certain amount of time to complete. This is shown in the timeline at the top of the screen. John has his own timeline, which shows the incoming action time to the enemies currently involved. An assailant trying to pull a trigger or throw a fist has the opportunity to cycle through his choices to find a measure that can be flagged during the duration of the action and pulled away fast enough to defeat. Give. Punch them or interrupt their actions. Parry is an easy option to defeat an incoming attack, for example, if it is fast enough to launch the attack. You can dodge bullets by crouching or rolling by simply stepping into the nearest node.

The more complex you want to perform, the longer it will take to bandage your wounds to heal yourself, reload your gun, and perform. sick Remove the most expensive option in this regard. It’s all very easy to understand and when it’s flowing well it feels like a stone-cold murderer who can knock down gangsters, stunt roll the floor and pick up abandoned guns Do a great job of letting you stand up just in time, throw it at the incoming goon, nail him in between your eyes, and then finish him with CQC. Once you’ve completed the level, you’ll be able to see the whole thing in replay from different camera angles. this is, Really Without the fact that it looks so glitchy and jerky as it plays your performance, I’ve added an addictive perfectionist aspect to things.

Indeed, there is a level of awkwardness here that really begins to dig into the fun of John Wick Hex over time.The animations are hard and crude, the replay camera angles are glitches, and enemies tend to disappear into the fog of war when you think you should. definitely You can still see them. To make matters worse, the bad guys emerge out of nowhere from the direction you’ve just passed through and tidied up. This leads to frustrating death and your best plan collapses in the process. Stealth becomes quite meaningless when caught by an invisible enemy that appears directly in front of your face.

As already mentioned, the variety of procedures is actually lacking.Core gameplay is It’s definitely a lot of fun, but what you’re doing at the opening level is pretty much what you’re doing by the end of things in 6-7 hours. Yes, there are some tougher armored bad guys and take more beatings with some bosses who need to work to sharpen their focus level before ending them, but overall you You will find yourself using the same few operations on the same few growls from start to finish. Randomized enemy patrol routes help mitigate this repetition to some extent. This is the kind of game that encourages you to complete the level from start to finish, but not really, especially at Switch’s fairly high asking price. Lots of this when everything is said and done.

The performance of this switch port is, thankfully, comparable to the PC and PS4 versions of the game, and everything runs smoothly in both docking and handheld modes. So if you’re already a fan, we’re glad this arrives. It’s a decent form here, but it’s unavoidable to hope that more attention was paid to the finer details, as it is. so It’s close to a tie-up of a small cracked movie. These animations and replays are a bit more fluid, more diverse at the seven levels offered, with some meaningful stealth, and a little Overall, more certainly, this is a simple recommendation. At the moment, it’s a very clever idea that’s been fun for a while, but some unfortunately awkward executions make it feel pretty half-hearted.


John Wick Hex is a clever turn-based strategy with some cool mechanics, all together that makes you feel like an unstoppable assassin of Keanu Reeves, at the end of misery. No procession kicks, punches and shoots Goon. However, there’s an unsophisticated element to the progression, with many iterations, jerky animations, unsightly replays, and unreliable AI behavior at the seven levels offered, which start to wear out after a while. With a little variety and a little sophistication, this might have been a really nice little movie tie-up, but that’s okay at the moment. A great idea that took more time in the oven.

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