Johnny Depp’s attorney tells the Court of Appeals that he did not receive a fair trial

Johnny Depp’s attorney told the Court of Appeals that the actor had not been tried fairly after losing his defamation proceedings against the Sun.

Johnny Depp’s attorney told the Court of Appeals that the actor had not been fairly tried in his defamation proceedings against British publications. Sun.. Depp has been Hollywood’s biggest star and one of the highest-paying actors for years. Captain Jack Sparrow In Pirates of the Caribbean His protagonist in the franchise and many other blockbuster movies. However, actors have sadly fallen out of grace in recent years due to many controversies, including public proceedings.

Since 2016, Depp has been in the midst of a nasty court battle with his ex-wife, Aquaman Star Amber Heard. After their divorce, Hard obtained a detention order accusing Depp of physically and verbally abusing her. In November Depp lost defamation case Against the British tabloid Sun, In a 2018 article he called him “the one who hits his wife.” After hearing testimony from both Depp and Hard, Judge Andrew Niccol of the Royal Courts of Justice in London said in an article that the accusation against Depp was “Substantially trueJudges discovered that 12 of the 14 domestic violence cases listed in the publication had occurred, and many times hard, including when Depp described Hard as “” in 2015. Said that he had attacked.3 days hostage situation“In Australia.

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But according to ParentsIn a document filed with the Court of Appeals, Depp’s attorney alleges that the actor did not undergo a fair trial.Depp’s lawyer called Nicole’s ruling that Depp assaulted Hard and scared her life. “Clearly dangerous” And “Clearly wrong” They are in court “Set aside the judgment, Order a new trial.. “ David Sherborne, Depp’s barrister, says Nicole “The appellant did not take into account or even admit that Ms. Hard was not true in her evidence, and did not test her explanation against written evidence and evidence of other witnesses. He concluded without any discovery that he had committed a serious physical assault. He did not believe in those witnesses. “

Johnny Depp Amber Heard Grindelwald Aquaman

Depp’s legal issues and public controversy have led actors to be essentially blacklisted from Hollywood. Shortly after the court ruling in November, Depp announced that Warner Bros. had asked him to resign from his next role as Grindelwald. Fantastic Beast 3. Very recently, Depp was let go of Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Houdini He is a series set to portray the famous magician Harry Houdini.Disney is also in Depp Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise, instead pursue a Margot Robbie-led reboot.Recent detailed articles from THR Even one studio head reported Call Depp Responsibility, “You can’t work with him right now.. “

Depp’s court battle is not over yet. He is still suing Hard for defamation of the editorial articles she wrote. Washington post Facing a proceeding from the crew in 2018 Someone who accused Depp of hitting him on the set In the 2018s City of Rise, Will be brought to trial in 2021. The actors don’t seem to have time, as Depp is currently seeking a new trial in a defamation proceeding, and will not be asked to undertake more projects in the near future.

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Johnny Depp’s attorney tells the Court of Appeals that he did not receive a fair trial

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