Join Today’s Rover Wars: Mars Battle Launch Event on Twitch

To celebrate the release of Rover Wars: Battle of Mars, Sakari Games is hosting a large online contest to fight streamers for glory. And there are also some great perks. Cheer on your favorite players, earn loot in the process, and join the fun. For more information, please visit

How does it work? Now, when the time comes (10 am Pacific Standard Time), you’ll see it appear on the Twitch channel and appear on the stand as a little robot. You decide what your favorite team is and who will benefit from the additional firepower for your support. Lean out, defeat popcorn and watch the explosive action unfold in front of you.

Competitors are a violent and fun group from the Belgian streaming community. Belgian? Yes! Sakari Games is a Belgian studio in the beautiful city of Antwerp. Especially during these times, I want to support the locals. Rest assured that they love the death and destruction of cartoons. Rover Wars As much as you. By the way, you don’t have to be on the stand. You can also join an interactive chat and show support that way.

So let me talk to you Rover Wars: Battle of Mars. That’s what we call “casual-fast-paced-real-time-cooperation-strategy-sofa-party games”. It’s like MOBA and RTS-the game had a baby. Hyperactive, highly explosive baby. Target? To destroy the opponent’s base. You need an army for that. You can use the resources collected on the battlefield to build three types of factories. These factories poop on the minions to find and destroy the way to enemy buildings.

Does it sound easy? correct! You don’t have to spend hours learning all the complexity of a mechanic. Dive into an explosive cocktail of action and strategy. Find the tactic that suits you and monitor your resources. Will you use them all in your new factory, or will you save enough to unleash the devastating Deathray? it’s up to you!

Rover Wars Clearly developed for a fierce adrenaline-filled battle that lasts 30 minutes to an hour. A decent local multiplayer system allows up to 8 players to participate in the game. You can always call on great AI to work together to fight to avoid couch clashes. You can even switch teams and add AI during the match to spice up (and annoy your friends)! There is also a campaign mode for lonely gamers.

So attend an online launch event and check out the actions.If you like what you see, you can start yourself Rover Wars today. See you on the battlefield!

Rover Wars: Battle of Mars

Xbox Live

Rover Wars: Battle of Mars

Sakari game



$ 6.99

If you’re looking for a cocktail of casual yet spicy action and strategy, but don’t plan to spend hours learning how to play, Rover Wars may be the way to go. You dive directly into action with a small rover, build factories and begin to hurt enemy units. The tactics of the game are in resource management and factory placement. The factory poops on the minions to find and destroy the way to enemy facilities. You win if you destroy the enemy base. simple. Rover Wars has a decent local multiplayer system. Up to 8 users can participate in the game. To avoid couch clashes, we have implemented some great AI to fight together. There are always two teams and up to four rover on each side. During the battle, players can also switch teams and add AI.

Join the Rover Wars: Battle for Mars Launch Event Today on Twitch

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