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I’ve tried FIFA 21 on the PlayStation 5, and the gameplay is basically the same as on the PlayStation 4, but with some important improvements.

For example, FIFA 21 has benefited significantly from the PS5’s activity features. Here, you can press a button from the PS5 home screen to jump directly to different modes within the Ultimate Team without first going through the main FIFA 21 menu. Stunningly, the next generation of FIFA 21 throws away the hassle of language choices when launching the game. This has been a staple of FIFA for many years. You need to log in to EA’s server-it can’t be avoided-but I was able to go to division rival game matchmaking in 20 seconds from the PS5 home screen. This is noteworthy. That’s really pretty.

And when the match starts, the game itself loads very quickly. In fact, there isn’t enough time to check the team of opponents flashing on the screen just before kickoff. I think this is a good thing! But before you start the match, it’s helpful to know what you’re against. Perhaps the PS5 is running too fast to benefit itself here.

Immediately notice is the new isometric camera angle. This makes it look like you are watching a game on your TV. It’s a bit like the camera you get at PES-and reminds me of an old football game. I’m still working if I stick to it. It gives you more pitch to see, and it’s great for choosing a downfield run. But the point of view sometimes disappoints me, especially when trying to track highpass filters. It’s new and novel!

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Has the PS5 changed the way single player games are played forever?

Elsewhere, the game plays much like the previous generation version, but all have the same issues and have been fixed. The AI ​​is not touched, so defense and off-the-ball execution are the same. The FIFA 21 next generation is as goalfest as the final generation version. Most of my games include 10 or so goals. Occasionally, when the player controls the highpass and then lays it off, some new animations may appear. Is FIFA 21 more sensitive in the next generation? Maybe, but it’s really hard to tell the difference. Basically, FIFA 21 plays the same kind of virtual soccer here.

However, the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S have a visual prosperity not found in the final generation. The hair of some players is exaggerated and moving around. Liverpool goalkeeper Alison Becker is a good example. Occasionally you will find off-the-ball gestures from the player. The player points to where he wants the ball to pass. Some of the player’s faces are also very real. But you only see most of these things in the replay.


During the match, the next generation of FIFA 21 will look a little more detailed, but not so much. There is an opening match cutscene that sees the player preparing for the game. This is great, but after a while it will be skipped. And there’s a new dramatic celebration for something like a last-minute winner. Even managers have time to shine.

Next Generation-Celebration of New Late Winners from r / FIFA

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The next-generation Liverpool boss, Jurgen Klopp, hugs everyone at the end of the match and punches the crowd with his fists. (FIFA 21 has a lot of Liverpool.)

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And a note about the DualSense controller. Adaptive triggers mean that you get more resistance with the right triggers when sprinting with an increasingly exhausted player. The rumble is a little higher and makes a strange noise while playing when the DualSense speakers are turned on. I think this is an attempt to simulate a tackle crunch or a raging crowd. This isn’t for me, so I turned it all off after a few games.

I was worried that EA would take longer to make matches or increase the number of division rival mismatches as EA decided not to cross-generate or cross-play at all. However, I was able to play the match on the PS5 fairly quickly. If you say that the players don’t have the same rating, there are only a handful.

That’s a decent effort, but the next generation of FIFA 21 is basically the final generation of FIFA 21. And don’t forget that the Ultimate Team is still a gambling sim studded with traditional pay-to-win loot boxes. You can now get to all the dirty things faster.


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