Jon Favreau breaks his silence at Mandalorian’s shocking season finale

Jon Favreau broke silence at the shocking season finale Mandalorian Season 2. Favlow, the creator of the show, is still shocked to be able to keep a big secret for over a year, especially as many of the season 2 castings leaked early. Star Wars Fans knew that Temuera Morrison was back and Rosario Dawson would play Ahsoka Tano, but nothing was officially confirmed by Favlow and the rest of the crew at the show.There is a measure spoiler for Mandalorian Season 2 Please look ahead at your own risk as follows.

Mandalorian Season 2 has always made fun of the Jedi being involved in any ability. Ahsoka Tano told Din Jarin that she couldn’t train her child and another Jedi would have to do it. However, few expected the dilapidated version of Mark Hamill to return as the iconic Luke Skywalker and take the baby’s grog for Jedi training. Jon favreau Explain how they were able to keep Hamil’s appearance on the show secret.

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“We have the entire series Baby yoda Obviously-Grogu’s revealing-it was a secret that really impressed everyone. Part of that is that we don’t tell too many people, we don’t have all the products that have been tooled and announced. And in the final episode, Mark Hamill actually shot it on set and tried to age him and make it look like an old movie using all the technologies we have available. “

Jon Favreau and the crew Introducing Luke Skywalker Secret, that doesn’t mean it was easy. “It was especially tricky these days because it’s very difficult to keep secrets. Star Wars People are very curious about it, “said the director. “And there are so many people involved in the finishing, production, filming, and all the studio processes of visual effects. Surprise cameos will leak because all of the cast was leaked and scared until it aired.” Some fans speculated that Luke could appear, but that’s it.

Mark Hamill was even shocked that they were able to maintain Mandalorian Season 2 ends the secret. He said, “The fact that I was able to keep my involvement secret for over a year without leaks is a miracle. It’s a real victory for spoiler haters everywhere!” Now, Mandalorian Season 3 has a lot to survive in terms of where the story goes. Adding additional challenges to it is Star Wars Related materials that Disney + has on the way.

For fans stuck in the past Mandalorian Season 2 credits, Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, have been added with the announcement of a special bonus. Boba Fett and Fennec Chand revisited the old palace of Jabba the Hutt in Tatooine, where they saw footage that appeared to have taken over. afterwards, Boba Fett’s book Premiere Disney + It will be December. In other words, the waiting time will be a little longer. Mandalorian Season 3. Check out the Jon Favreau interview above, thanks to the Good Morning America YouTube channel.

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Jon Favreau breaks his silence at Mandalorian’s shocking season finale

https://movieweb.com/the-mandalorian-chapter-16-luke-skywalker-jon-favreau/ Jon Favreau breaks his silence at Mandalorian’s shocking season finale

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